Cyber Monday Discounts Abound For WC Fans (November 27, 2017)

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    If you're still searching for the perfect present after Black Friday, Cyber Monday gives you a great opportunity to give the gift of Wing Commander. GOG currently has the Wing Commander series for 75% off, which brings it down to just $11.92 for all DOS/Windows games (you may need to add them to your cart individually). There's a chance that their winter sale could ratchet the sale down even further, but it's already such a great deal that there's not much reason to wait. If your giftee already has the games, Wing Commander on Blu-ray has become scarce, but the Academy cartoon on DVD is just $7.99 at Amazon, which is another absolute steal. For a slightly more scholarly item, most of the Wing Commander novels are now available as ebooks, and a couple have even been discounted from $6.99 down to $5.38. Last, but not least, several audio albums are available, including George Oldziey's new reorchestration and The Fat Man's Wing One album that recently made the jump to iTunes and Amazon, where it's been discounted to $7.99! All of these digital rereleases have been a great boon to fans who missed out on the originals!

    Movies & TV

    Novels ($6.99, except FA & HotT $5.38 at Amazon)

    • End Run
    • Baen Ebook
    • Amazon Kindle
    • Apple iBooks
    • B&N Nook
    • Kobo

    Audio Albums

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