Curious about the Krant

I was recently looking on the Stand Off website and saw a picture of the Vatari; and it reminded me off the model they used for the Krant, in Super Wing Commander I was just wondering when that type of Krant entered service and what where it's specs?
Presumably, the SWC Krant is identical in stats to the WC1 Krant, because... well, they're one and the same in spite of the different visual appearance.

(and yeah, the model we call the Vatari in Standoff is indeed the SWC Krant)
Yeah, that was just our little tribute to the Vatari referenced in the novels and to the model of the SWC Krant, which although being a pretty damn cool design, was never re-used elsewhere (like many other SWC models).

As far as SWC and WC1 go, both Krants are supposed to be the same ship despite the different designs, the same applies to all other SWC ships.