Crusader website underway!


Rear Admiral
The newest Crusader website is underway!

Matt Chandler, co-owner of the movie production company 'Buckshot and Chin', and I have started working on the newest Crusader website. We don't have a name yet, but I'm thinking of the name I had awhile ago, 'Crunore.'

There will be two parts of the site, a Flash version, and an HTML version.

If anyone is a fan of Crusader, or who knows a fan of Crusader, please post here! We need all the Crusader fans we can find!


Mpanty's bane
Well, I think I could be considered a Crusader fan: I own both games, I played them to the end (without cheating) and I liked them. :)

Lord Tauk

I'm a fan. I've played No Remorse a lot on PC back in 96' and 97, and have played through the end, with cheats. :)

I also have No Remorse on playstation.

Can't wait to see your guys page.