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About a week or two back I downloaded the latest demo release of TR and played through the storyline.
I only flew maybe half dozen missions, story and sideline, in the Epee and Hornet. I actually accumulated quite a lot of credits in the first dozen missions I flew and ended up buying a Thunderbolt and using that through pretty much the rest of storyline. I only ran maybe three storyline missions in a Vindicator after I got into Bretonia. Anyway throughout the game the Thunderbolt worked great after I finished the story line though, I began mapping out the systems again, still in the Thunderbolt.
The problem is that everytime I go into Sigma 13 I've got maybe twenty seconds of flight time before the game just shuts down on me.
I'm wondering if this is a common problem that's come up. If it isn't I'll post up my system specs and maybe we can figure out why it's unique.
For now I'm going to check out different fighters in the area to see if it still crashes.
Yes, it is, actually. It's due to an equipment bug - it'll be fixed in the next release.

(If you'd like to get your hands on the next release, your best bet would be to apply for beta tester-ness as such)
I love the release I have. The only thing that would make it better is if I had a Raptor with six gun slots, and of course fixing the Sigma problem but I can get around without it.
I'm really excited for the final release though! :cool:
I crashed in Omicron Beta too! I had just picked up a mission with the Outcasts and the game crashed enroute to the mission waypoint.
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