Cranky bits


Some small things which are seriously driving me batty, playing today with the latest release.

1. Why are the Kilrathi fighting Kilrathi insys?

2. Why is the Militia putting out missions to deliver contraband? And why are contraband deliveries appearing anywhere near the Mission Comp or the Guilds?

3. Kilrathi insys. In Sol. Nuff Said.
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Is this with the last update, AND did you restart the game? (Unfortunately, to see all that a code update does, you need to start a new game...).

If so I'm an idiot ^^;

anyway. this is all stuff i prolly forgot to fix in phyton.
I gotta agree here. I keep getting jumped by the good guys in the perry system right after I take a mission. Also, I got in a dray and then a stiletto got caught in my shield during autopilot. Then it blamed me for the damage and everyone went hostile!! AHH!!
--Angus :)
I got attacked by the entire Gemini sector Confed Fleet in the Perry system. Was pretty spooky to see all those ships coming after me, felt like Return of The Jedi end space battle. I didn't even attack Confed ships, they just randomly turned hostile.
That happened to me, too, with militia fighters jumping on me, too.

It's a Retro sabotauge plot, secretly replacing the good guy's oxygen with crazy gas?
One time in the new Constantinople system, I accidently hit a confed ship with a torpedo. There were something like 4 carriers or so. I was kind of a bit outnumbered.
There's been a post in the other WCU forum at Vegastrike forums that contraband is
sometimes part of the payment after a mission. That could explain some of these problems, but not all.
When going over the the Wing Commander: Universe "factions.xml" file and comparing it to the Privateer: Remake 1.0 "factions.xml" file, it seems that the the "privateer" faction in WC:U has no relation to the other factions (there is no "<stats name="privateer" relation="xx"/>" for the other factions in WC:U).
On another note, seeing a "LOAD: FAILED" in the HUD in WC:U (there was no visible unit) where Salthi Unknown was in Privateer Remake 1.0 in the Righteous Fire missions could have something to do with a non-existent entry for a "salthi.particle" in the WC:U "units.csv".
Yup, they do have it, the file just has bad formatting. Look WAY to the right. The privateer faction is in there.
Maybe it's line 210 in "" that could be the cause - there are 2 entries for "firekkan". The one that says "(kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,kilrathi,confed,militia,retro,retro,hunter,hunter,hunter,), #firekkan ".
A bit more research into the "Why are they jumping me" question. When I kill a pirate the hunters seem to be getting mad at me.