could not determine what gl dll to load

Hi ,I keep getting this same error ,UE and Standoff both worked before.
Installed in correct dir .Any other ideas on what is causing it?
Thx ,deleting and reinstalling worked .
Had a weird prob tho ,it kept saying it could not find glide2x.dll so i copied Glide2.dll and renamed it ,works ok now:)

I couldnt get the launcher to work in mine also.
Needed a .dll called msvbvm50.dll to run.
Got it from a site that specialises in generic lib files like .dll's!
Also the d3d error for me also, i found once I got the launcher working, setting the D3D fx to 16 bit it worked fine.
I had the default setting of 32 and it didnt work.
Try setting your colour depth in the game config to 16 bit from 32.

Also now i'm running XP 64 SP2, the video in WC:prophesy runs real fast.
This is ALSO happening in WC:UE!!!

Any1 know how to solve the problem of the video sequences from going @ 100 kph and run @ normal speed?

cheers all, game seems GOOD otherwise so far.
LOVE all these fan revivals!
We do provide some help with the video speed in the FAQ. Unfortunately, for UE, the solutions in the FAQ are pretty much all there is. For Standoff, we were able to solve the problem in a better manner, but UE remains problematic. Still, try the FAQ solution, and hopefully that will solve the problem.
Thanks for the advice. But I tried to set the PATH, JAVA_HOME, CLASS_PATH in the environment variables for my windows and no avail. Same problem.

Any other ideas?