corrupted disk


hey, I just got an original copy of privateer from a friend and the 6th disk is corrupted. Can anyone send me an image of their 6th floppy? thanks.

ps. it's the original floppy disk released in 1993. 3 1/4 inch. thanks again


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I have the CD Version, but I'm sure SOMEONE has the floppy around here... I'll se what I can do.. But whoever it is will probably want you to prove that you have it (every once and a while someone asks for Abandonware Wing commander, nothing personal). You could send the filesnames on the first disk, or the dates of the files, to them, to prove you do have it.


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There's a bit of a flaw in your theory, Jumper
. If he had a pirated version, he could still tell you the filenames and dates on the first disk, because neither the filenames nor dates change when you copy a disk.

I would ask you for a quote from the manual, Bellend, but that would be fairly useless since I don't have the floppy version either. I've got the CD-ROM version, and apparently so does everybody else
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don't have the manual. just the floppys and the box. i could scan the floppys and the box if you really wanted me to. I could even take a pic of me with the box and i might even show off the rest of my collection too.. hehe