Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!

The Merchants' Guild
The Militia
The Confederation
Anonymous Employer
Lynch Enterprises
Lynch Shipping
Lynch Mining
Lynch Security
The Exploratory Service
Private Citizen
Omni, Inc.
Cerberus Shipping
Blankenstaff Ltd.
Tsunami/Azuma, Inc.
Trebor Corp.
Tactical Micro Devices
Izanami Corp.
Omniscan, Inc.
Galaxy Resources, Inc.
Tetsuo Distribution, Ltd.
Cerebus Shipping
Azuma Weapons
Gemini Export
The Cardann Group
Beto's Foodcorp Unltd.
Tanya/Sepree, Inc.
Frontier Enterprises
United Distribution
Confederated Mining
MegaCrunch Credit
Austin Entertainment Group
Russo Disposal Systems
Manners Arms and Shielding
Johnson and Cafrelli, Ltd.
Terraform Corp.
Hydroshock Manufacturing
Universal Imports
Transector Plus
Fellowship Systems
Skybird Scanners
Rolling Hills, Unltd.
Valle Brothers
Frake Packaging
Capri Mining
Nexus Mining
Taurus Mining
Saturn Mining
Deep Space Asteroid Mining
Dell Refineries
Nicholson Refineries
Hendershot Mining
Starfield Cruises
Maximum Pleasure
Ultima Resorts
Infrared Detection Systems
Total Eclipse
Merry Rover
Mycroft Mining
Middleton Securities
First Bank of Gemini
Gemini Savings and Loan
Jefferson Confederal
AllSafe Retrograde
Bridesmaid Enterprises
TDR Symposium
Borderline, Inc.
Averson Dynamics
Hawkeye Security
Renegade Weapon Systems
TipTop Systems
AntiStealth, Ltd.
MicroDeath Delivery
Second Star
QuarterMast Nav and Chart
Parsec Mining
First Strike, Inc.
Heistand Forecasting
Abyss Minerals
EnvironMental, Unltd.
The McLaughlin Company
Delta Resorts
Thermal Optics
Scorpio Consulting
Obsession, Inc.
The Outskirt Consortium
Big Bang Pharmaceuticals
Cannon Research Group
Capital Investments
Universal Charter
Martin Swig Distillery
Origin Systems, Inc.
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Lehman Carbonshares
Black Hole Retrievals
Triple Play Enterprises
Oxford Research Foundation
Castro Memorial Foundation
Grim Reaper Systems
Voight, Inc.
Brainwave Instruments
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As a token of my appreciation, a lobster coat-of-arms:


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AntiStealth, Ltd.
Almost out of business until WC2.

EnvironMental, Unltd.
Unlimited? Nice name, tought.

Really like the reference
A few Origin references:

Austin Entertainment Group
^^ Austin, Texas, where Privateer was developed.

Russo Disposal Systems
^^ Scott Russo, producer on Privateer.

Manners Arms and Shielding
^^ Joel Manners, lead design on Privateer.

Johnson and Cafrelli, Ltd.
^^ Richard Johnson and Charles Cafrelli, programmers on Privateer.

Ultima Resorts
^^ Wing Commander's sister series, Ultima.

Castro Memorial Foundation
^^ Reinaldo Castro, programmer on Privateer.