Cop Chief Coriolis' Coveralls for the Collection (June 30, 2019)


Space Marshal
Ginger Lynn Allen is selling off one of her iconic Rachel Coriolis jumpsuits. It comes with matching hat and utility belt. Based on the sleeve cutoffs, it seems to be the variant worn in Wing Commander Prophecy. It's very cool to get some close up photos of this design! First bid starts at $499. There's also a $1000 Buy It Now for any Wingnuts who might want to preempt a bidding war. Ginger mentions that the suit still fits, which is more than some of us can say for outfits from 20+ years ago!

Hi, it's me Ginger Lynn,

So if you like WC III, I found this the other day. Lock and load with Rachel Coriolis! Still fits after all these years!

I'm one of those girls who has saved everything from the beginning of my career right up until today. I have photos. magazines, wardrobe, trophies, trading cards, scripts, shoes, checks from SAG-AFTRA, original artwork and so much more. Everything is signed personally by me and includes a certificate of authenticity.
Original update published on June 30, 2019


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Is is me, or does she (facially) look a lot like Eric 'Wingman' Petersen (but way more in shape!)? Esepecially in that second pic!
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