Conflict of interest between the crown prince and the emperor in the McAuliffe ambush

There is an issue here as to why the interests of the Crown Prince and the Emperor were not aligned or even in conflict.

The Crown Prince intended to become "the greatest hunter in the history of the Empire" by quickly conquering humans. Once he got what he wanted, his position would threaten the rule of his father, the emperor. In that case, even if he was not ambitious, his subordinates would probably have contributed to the crown prince's ascension to the throne for their own benefit. Such situation would never be acceptable to the emperor. In the following story (Action Stations Chapter 7), we can see how the emperor expressed his dissatisfaction with the prince's plan. And from the depiction therein, the Crown Prince did not seem to realize the crux of the problem.

A key clue: The emperor gave Admiral Nargh the privilege to go directly over the top for his report. This was one of the emperor's means of restraining the crown prince.
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So, before the war started, there were at least three different interest orientations in the top echelons within the empire.