Confederation Legacy - CLOSED - MAYBE - MAYBE NOT


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Confederation Legacy - CLOSED

I've finally got fed up with it all, I'm out, Tolwyn Wing Ccommander Saga is yours.
hmm... just on the day the first Wing Commander ship ended in HW2 universe? You should reconsider that...
*watches as Starsaint walks up to the quitting bell, and rings it three times*
reason i chose to drop was every single model no matter what conversion i did, no matter whose tools i used, did the exact same thing.
as soon as it got ingame it was a spiky ball that looked liked it had been Beveled and the textures run through a Tyedye Machine...

after 3 years i've burned out after failure after failure

maybe i'm being too preemtive, I dunno, I have just gotten so damn fed up with things not working.

heh i should just stop whining and try again. (yet i've said that to myself about 12 times now after each failure)
i've had today to think long and hard about this.

I dispise leaving things unfinished...

I think I'll hold off on this and give it another whack...
gonna hold on a bit longer

i'm gonna hold on for HWSE2, if things work out even semi well i'll try to keep CL running, if not, so be it.

I just hope my hope isn't futile