Confed Rank Structure


:cool: Hi, everybody! I'm new here! I've been a HUGE Wing Commander fan ever since its Super NES debut (I was never a big PC gamer until WC4)! Unfortunately, I am not as big a fan as I thought and know very, very little. In fact, most of my extended information comes from the "Victory Streak," booklet that came with the 3DO version of Wing Commander 3 (= very little).

I have a question! I never really minded the rank structure in the WC series before joining the Air Force but now I do! How do the ranks work? How does one tell the difference between the Navy and "Space Force?" What is each's rank structure? Could somebody direct me to a good place where I could find this out? Also, what do the ranks look like? I notice on the forum that the pictures show rank insignia, are these the Confed ranks (Navy or "Spacy")?

Is there anyone who can answer me?? Heh heh.

PS I noticed that the insignia for Maj Gen is the same one found on Admiral Tolwyn... I thought he was a four-star admiral (space marshall)?



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Victory Streak probably has the most complete information on rank structure. Navy personnel tend to be on capships, Space Force is generally the fighters, but there are plenty of crossovers.


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I was led to believe the command structure largely followed the pattern of the Navy... but um, it would figure if there were generals in Confed and I didn't know about it.


right, victory streak gives us the best info on rank structures. and a Full Admiral, which is what tolywn was at the time is the equivalent to a major general since IIRC in Confed a major general is higher in rank then a lt. general, which is really the reverse of proper US military ranking


Confederation Navy

Enlisted Ranks

Spaceman (E1)
Veteran Spaceman (E2)
Petty Officer (E3)
Chief Petty Officer (E4)
Master Chief Petty Officer (E5)

Officer Ranks

Ensign, 2nd Class [O1]
Ensign [O2]
2nd Lieutenant [O3]
1st Lieutenant [O3]
Lieutenant Commander [O4]
Commander [O5]
Captain [O6]

Flag Ranks

Commodore [O7]
Rear Admiral [O8]
Vice Admiral [O9]
Admiral [O10]
Space Marshal [O11]

Confederation Space Force

Enlisted Ranks

Spacehand (E1)
Spacehand, 2nd Class (E2)
Spacehand, 1st Class (E3)
Senior Spacehand (E4)
Staff Sergeant (E5)
Tech Sergeant (E6)
Master Sergeant (E7)
Senior Master Sergeant (E8)
Chief Master Sergeant (E9)

Officer Ranks

2nd Lieutenant (O1)
1st Lieutenant (O2)
Captain (O3)
Major (O4)
Lieutenant Colonel (05)
Colonel (O6)

Flag Ranks

Brigadier General (O7)
Lieutenant General (O8)
Major General (O9)
General (O10)


Look at the rank pics here under our nicks. They are the Space FOrce ranks from WC3 and beyond. For Space force ranks before that, pick up a copy of Claw Marks WC1 manual. IIRC, neither the navy, marine, nor army ranks have been given.


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... and if I understood something of what had been said in past posts, ship commanders are part of the Navy, while pilots are ranked with space force ranks...




Thanks so much for the link! Greatly appreciated! However, the ranks in WC I & II are the same exact insignia we use in the Air Force/Army/Marine Corps (Navy & Coast Guard have slight, minute differences- although almost identical).

Thanks again! Pretty interesting stuff! Love the pilot pics too...!

~ YEAH :cool: