Confed Escort Carrier


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Today it is up to me again unveil the latest work of the WCSaga team. This time around, the release is a Confed escort carrier.

The Wake Island-class warships serve as the Confed Navy's escort carriers, or CVEs. The first nine ships of the class were created to fill in the gaps created by the loss of half the Confed carrier fleet during 2666-2667. Cheap and quick to build, a dozen of these “jeep carriers” could be constructed at the cost of one standard fleet carrier. After the TCS Tarawa’s famous Raid to Kilrah, Confed started constructing more CVEs and assigned them to guerilla style raiding missions. The first ships were named after famous World War II amphibious engagements, and as more were commissioned, they were named after more modern engagements but the naming theme of "infantry battles" still remained.

Because the Wake Island-class carriers were constructed from medium transport hulls, their naval design is far from perfect. There is no dedicated hangar deck underneath the launch bay; the main bay serves as the hangar/maintanance deck as well as the launch/recovery area. This makes the CVE more then vulnerable to Kilrathi attacks. There is only one catapult to launch fighters. The hangar space is limited and can only accommodate only the smaller fighters of the Confed Space Force; larger heavy fighters and dedicated torpedo bombers are simply too big. Their defense weaponry is more cobbled on to the hull rather then installed in dedicated weapon hardpoint nacelles. They are as nowhere as durable as a fleet carrier, a single torpedo hit can cripple it easily.

Here are the pictures.




Credits are as follows: model by Eder Vieto, textures by Michael 'Lynx' Lechner, final touches and model conversion by Michael ‘Starman’ Pretli.


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Awesome model as always, but can we get a few ambient-lit shots? I'm still confused on how you take off and land from this ship... is it ALL out the back, WC1/2 style?


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Looks great, nice to see how different in looks in the wc3 paint scheme..

also is that a torpedo or missile in the lower left of the 1st shot??


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Viper61 said:
Its a good way away, but it appears to be the ImRec model Tolwyn, especially from the coloration :)


hmm... possible ;) I have no idea how they look like :D I textured only half of this models, and from this angle it looked very similar to our torpedo model ;)