Confed Corvettes


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How about sticking to the original thread topic, hmm? I don't think y'all would like me getting back into my old BanStik™ habit.

I agree, this joke has run its course. Anyway back to the Corvette, exactly what do we know about the crew compliment? I remember seeing about around 20 on the one in the Academy.

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Hmmm... Does anyone know about a replacement for the Venture Class?

I don't know if the Venture needs a successor -- not every ship has to be brand new... but: there are certainly other kinds of corvettes, we just don't know their names. Two *older* classes are mentioned in the novels -- Falcon and Granicus.

I'd like to know the TCS Brack's class

Sorry, you're out of luck. I imagine the Saga team plans on making it Brack-class, if they ever get around to it. :) (But, hey, as far as we know it could be a Venture...)

(The TCS Brack is named after Senator Obma...)

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(Just to be absolutely clear, I do know that it's actually named after Chris-Roberts-yelling-at space hero J. Allen Brack...:))


Hmm possibly there exists a post-Kilrathi corvette design, but we the players/fans have not heard anything about one.


It has been theoriezed that frigates in Wing Commander (which are, in the one example we can measure, larger than cruisers)...

To which example are you refering?

...and speaking of segues, what is the "Multi-Quote" option at the bottom of each post?