I am just playing Episode 3 at the moment! I do not know if it was mentioned anywhere but I just wanted to tell you that I really like your design of the Concordia-class Fleet-Carriers! (TCS Verdun)

The half open flight deck its an exceptionel well thought out piece of work because its something like the missing link between WC1 design (Bengal) and WC3 Design (Box-Carriers)

Really well done!

I'd also like to mention the in game music. Although I thought the music for UE was great I think it is a VERY good choice to use the original mission-music from WC2 and 3. Those tracks add very much to the playing experience imho!


I agree with the music... the music brings back nostaglic moments, i definetely like the WC2/1 music a lot more than the WC3/4 music... it's probably because i played WC2 when i was like 5 years old, though, the music is engraved into my mind...


Is it sad that sometimes i'll just play the wing commander 2 soundtrack files on my computer instead of real music? :p I did the same with mechwarrior 2's soundtrack as well back in the day...


I'm glad you like the choice - I thought it was appropriate as well. I've become somewhat fond of this soundtrack - it's very comprehensive. We've got official Wing Commander music, jazz standards, techno, and original orchestral. We were all worried at first that all the styles would make it seem disjointed, but I think it works really well.

And no... its not sad. Mostly because that music is REAL music just like any other. A composer's job is to write something that evokes emotion. Whether this is done in a video game sound track, song on the radio, symphony, or anything else, its all just as much real music as anything else.