Concept Card Art Reveals Beautiful Set Pieces (May 4, 2021)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Sci-fi artist Alan Gutierrez has posted some new images dating back to his mid '90s contributions to the Wing Commander CCG. He's released a steady stream of sample images over many years, and they've provided a fascinating look into the downselection process for card art. These are no different! First up is the source for the Epsilon nav art, which reveals a pair of exotic planets that didn't make it into the nav point we got. A similar thing happens where the Nebula card art is the top half of a scene with an icy planetscape beneath. The Kilrathi Capture Pilot card gets mirrored, and the final piece gets distributed across three cards! The Terran Recover Pilot card just focuses on the pilot, while both Terran and Kilrathi Asteroid modifiers are different crops of the background. Very cool! You can find this art and many more pieces of WC CCG imagery and lore in our WCPedia section here.

Alan Gutierrez posted another painting from the Wing Commander card game on his DeviantArt. Entire planets were cropped off of the final card!

Original update published on May 4, 2021