Computer game quotes

"We’re just gonna have to settle it out there. Next time you’re on my wing - - I might just rotate my turrets and - - hey, accidents happen!"

"Oh, I’m shakin’ . . . You know, I got a turret too, pal."
Here goes:

"Come drown your sorrows"

"Don't kiss me because I have puke breath!" :D - Pandaren Brewmaster

"I have been chosen, by the big metal hand in the sky."

"Mmmooorrrtttaaarrr kkkkkooooommmbbbbatttt!"

"OOOPPPPPSSS!!!!! I dropped something. *Bomb falls and goes bomb*"-Gyrocopter

"My Life for AUIR! .... uruuha I mean Nerzhul."

"Grab your sword and fight the horde"

"Uncle Lothar wants you"

"For the end of the world spell, press control, alt, delete."

"I don't sound like Yodi, dddoooo yyyyyIIIIIIII."

And my all time favorite from Warcraft III ROC and FT:
"Do you what to know how to fight the undead? Here is how you fight the undead. Their man pulls a knife, your man pulls a gun. They send your man to the hospital, you send their man to morque. THAT'S how you get the undead."

*audience laughs*

Thank you, thank you. You've been a wonderful audience.
I always liked that long ass one from the demon hunter. About Darkness and stuff. There was a whole series of them, Tichondrius had one that was "DARKNESS!!! ...needs to get DSL. His line is always busy."

Also, on the Dreadlord.

"Hello? Darkness? Oh, hey, what's up? The Demon Hunter called you? No, I don't have his number."
"I don't mind that you attacked me, but defending myself against your type gets expensive, and I'm on a budget!"
<NIT-PICKING>I don’t mind that you tried to kill me. But protecting myself against your type gets expensive… and I’m on a budget.</NIT-PICKING>


But to be fair, I believe there were several versions of the Privateer intro - the spoken version, and at least two versions of text.
*Grunt: ready the catapults


Rexxar (half-orc, half-orge thing) the Summoner:

"Don't have a cow. *mmoooo!!!!* Oh dear! *gazelle sound* Please, bear with me. *RRRROOOOOAAARRRR!!!!* OOhhhh!!!!! *squeak-squeak*" (what a pitty I can link you to a quick wav file for this one)

"My favorite color is blue, no YyYEeELloOWw!!!!" -knight

"Your, the king. Well, I didn't vote for you." -peasant

"SSOOO angry, so hungry" - orge

"This will put hair all over you" - Pandaeran Brewmaster

That is it, FOR NOW!!! hahahahahh!!!!!!!!!
Come on Trent, it's just the mission you'll love. What do you say?

Sure. As long I'm not shot at, knocked out, held at gun point, electrocuted, scared to life by giant alien shapeshifters, have to dive out of windows or to fight off sparely Nomad incubines,
everything should be fine."
There's two spoken versions of the Privateer intro -- the ultra-cool disk version and the wimpy full speech one. Since the guy who did the Privateer's voice in the original intro was unavailable, they re-recorded in for the CD version.
Great video game quotes? Hmmm, there's been some good ones. Fighting games have always been a good source of cringe worthy comments, but one in particular would have to be from one of the Street Fighter games, where Chun Li asks after a fight "What is this? the one star aetting?" Of course, Capcom are always good at crap comments. Who could forget some of the lines from Resident Evil?
Barry: "Maybe I'll go outside and get eaten by a monster." Classic stuff. But some good ones are Tanya from Red Alert, Havoc saying he has an interest in conflict in Renegade, every line in Max Payne is a treasure, and many of the lines in Grand Theft Auto, two being "Can I please see your pass? No, not your ass", and "You fucked up bad. Bubby says he's going to fuck ya". What a charming person. I'll try and think up some quotes from games on other systems, but there is one for Syphon Filter 2. The guy you fight at the end (I won't spoil it if you haven't played it), his taunts remind me of Colson.