Close Encounters Of The Kilrathi Kind (August 29, 2016)


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We've got an another awesome NinjaLA sketch to kick off your Wing Commander week. This one features a Confed pilot locked in hand to hand combat with a fearsome Kilrathi. Our human appears to have a weapon, but it looks like he has about half a second to fire it before getting ripped to shreds! Were it not for the crashed fighter in the background, this might be a scene right out of the Gimle System pre-2654...

Original update published on August 29, 2016
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Great quality, as always. Just the raised paw looks a bit weird to me :) he was twitching with his fingers.


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My first thought when I saw this one was that they were doing the Tango.

I like it.


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This actually reminds me of a WC fanfic I read a long, long time ago. I can't remember where I saw it or much in the way of details, but the way that one ended was, the human did win, and traded up from the crashed Scimitar to his opponent's Vaktoth and flew back into space.


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@NinjaLA, great job! There's definitely a lot to like about this drawing! You've put a lot of thought - and research - into the details, the uniforms look great, and the colouring is extremely well done. I also like how you didn't put much detail into the background - just what you needed to convey the story, but not enough to distract the viewer from what's happening up in front. Particularly after all those space drawings of yours, where the background was completely filled in (...with blackness :)), there might have been a temptation for you to fill in everything here, too. It's good that you didn't.

May I suggest working a bit more on human anatomy in motion, though? There's something I can't quite put my finger on about the human's position that makes him look very unnatural. Granted, he's kind of flailing about in mid-air, which might conceivably make a person look unnatural, but no, there's definitely something off about the legs and the torso. Do you have one of those little wooden dolls for artists? You know the type, where the doll is stuck on a spike so that you can re-arrange every part of the body into any position you want. That might help!


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thanks guys.. that was a marker drawing on paper so pretty hard to make changes once I got into it.. but I still like it very much.