Classic Designs Making a Comeback (July 3, 2011)


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FekLeyrTarg has been working on some new Wing Commander models for various projects. The first is a supply depot that could find its way into the WC2 Remake. A Salthi is also coming together and doesn't appear to have a destination use yet. FekLeyr's looking for feedback, so hit the Discuss link and let him know your thoughts.

I've started working on a model of the Supply Depot. Now I need your feedback. Since the manual mentions that the Depot can carry 52 fighters, I wish to place a hangar on it and I need your suggestion where I should place it.

I'm also building a new Salthi model based on the drawings from Joan's Fighting Spacecraft, the Sprites from WC1 and the model from WC Standoff. Before I UVmap and texture it, any suggestions?

Original update published on July 3, 2011
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