CIC Right Sizes For Aging Population (April 1, 2018)


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This year marks twenty years of operation for the CIC at, and with that glorious history comes some subtle changes. There was a time when older Origin fans over age thirty could join the 'gray ghosts' club, but now it's probably fair to say the majority of our visitors are now eligible. To make sure everything is large enough to still be legible for all those mature eyeballs, we've slightly scaled up our text and graphics. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Original update published on April 1, 2018
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And all this time I thought that you were preparing the page for 8K resolutions.:)
Naaah! Who am I kidding, aging is a better explanation.
We must accept the facts!
At last I can read the WCnews frontpage in a normal sitting position instead of inching my face toward the PC monitor ! Thanks ! :D
Thats amazing!
I allways wondered what these white artifacts beneath your one-liner news were...and why these news have always been that short! :D