CIC Forums Upgraded (September 14, 2013)


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The CIC Forums were upgraded today. Many of the updates were related to bug fixes and admin tools, but there are a few user upgrades as well. Posters should see slightly different options for writing posts, editing posts, signatures and watching forums. It should work better on mobile devices too. The default color scheme has also been switched to more closely match the rest of the site. Many users may not have realized that several color combinations are available, and depending on which is picked, Kilrathi (red/orange), Border Worlds (green) or Confed (blue) logos will be appear along the top. It's easy to change the layout colors by clicking your registered user name in the upper right, then selecting preferences and choosing a style. Which color do you like best?

Fans of CIC history can read more about the CIC Forums here.

Original update published on September 14, 2013
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FYI - the new color scheme didn't take for me. So you had this awful awful grey-on-white and blue thing going.

To change it, go to your user control panel (click on your name on the upper right, then under Settings, click on Preferences and change the theme to Darkened-Red.


If, that is, you can put up with having that hideous angry red colour all over the place. Personally, I'm going with the Border Worlds green...


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Thanks guys, its a small but neat feature, I like it.
I am currently rocking the Kilrathi all red background.


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You're welcome - it is a cool feature that we haven't promoted enough. People's preferences clearly vary widely, even the crazy gray/white/blue manufacturer's default might be good for someone.

I'm partial to the blue myself.


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Oooohh, I actually overlooked those, but now that you mention them: Those are really useful indeed.

Kyle Maverick

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Gone with the green myself, finding it easier to read the board when I'm leaning back further from the screen than normal