CIC Birthday Party Just Around The Corner (July 20, 2007)


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The Wing Commander CIC turns nine years old next month, and that means we're just three weeks away from our annual online bash! Since our last big party, we've gotten EA Replay, Wing Commander games on GameTap, more fan projects releases and all the exciting stuff surounding Arena, so there's lots to celebrate. With all the other exciting news that's been happening all year, this is actually our first formal announcement, but we've already been working hard to prepare for the event. Check out last year's updates here to get an idea of what to expect.


You're all invited to come and join us on August 10 in our #Wingnut irc chat room. The gathering begins at 7:00 pm Eastern US time (4:00 pm Pacific and 11:00 pm GMT). Beginning at that point, we count down for one hour before updating the website with a bunch of special updates. Since the event falls on a Friday night/Saturday morning this year, we expect a great turnout this year. The party is one of the best opportunities of the year to meet fellow fans, get involved with fan projects and win plenty of door prizes. The main event only lasts for a few hours, but Wingnuts are sure to be chatting away (and blasting away in Arena, Prophecy and Armada) throughout the night.

First time users are welcome to stop by #Wingnut through our web interface any time. See you at the party!

Original update published on July 20, 2007
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Kevin Caccamo

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Good then. I'll do what I can to be there. I will also try and get working on my standalone release of WC1 Remake, so I can release it on that day.


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I'm going to be a little late. Relatives are flying in because my birthday is the following Friday but for some reason they want to have a Bar-BQ that Friday instead. Hopefully will be able to be there post 8:30ish


Mpanty's bane
I'll try to be there for the first time since we have so much to celebrate.
(Not that it would be the first time that I try to be there, I hope to actually make it this time).


I will be there. I managed to make it for the first time last year and I loved it. I even managed to win a prize :)

If theres anybody here who hasn't been at one of the CIC birthday parties yet I strongly recommend it. It's great fun. One of the best times of the year :)


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Wow, I've been here a while (but not that long)... I remember the first one I attended... on a Sunday.


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
well, I don't have an xbox, but if anyone whats to go a few round on WC:p MP I'll be here :D

I'm going to probably splitting my time between the two. Maybe we'll get some additions for the patch from HCl this year as well. This year sure seems like it's going to be the best in quite a while.