choose your own adventure


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I am writing a fanfic loosely based in the WC universe and had a stroke......errr..of genious and thought what if I wrote an episodic story where the fans could choose the outcome sort of like a choose your own adventure deal I would write a chapter a month allow two weeks for voting so 6 weeks between chapters would people like this idea?



It's just begging to be brought up, so I'll be the one to throw myself on this tact grenade . . . ;)

"Kiss Flint?"
"Kiss Rachel?"
"Kiss . . . Rollins? Maniac?"

With Rance at the helm and 10 choices per poll, this could get interesting :)



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I used to read the Choose Your Own Adventure books back in grade school.
I thought about doing something like this but I was going to write out all the variations and then create links that take you through it all, ex. Kick Thrakhath in the nuts, turn to page 42. :D


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I think this way the fans can enjoy directing a story and that here there is no sure victory out come no gurantee that if you make a bad selction you wont cause the end of the story in defeat