Chinese Search Terms to Help Your Collecting Adventures (May 9, 2021)


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Here's a great sampling of Asian Wing Commander games that AD dug up while searching various online marketplaces. The majority are Taiwanese, although the Armada there is Japanese. We've posted most of these in various forms over the years, but it's fun to see them all in one place. One that's new to me is the Academy ad with faux cockpit struts added. WC3, Armada and the Privateers remain pretty elusive, even in bootleg form (as the loose bagged copies below are). The legit versions are those earlier ones published by Soft World. AD has also summarized a list of Chinese language search terms you can use if you're trying to bulk up your own International Wing Commander collection. Find those below!

《银河飞将》(Wing Commander)
《银河飞将:秘密任务》(WC: The Secret Missions)
《银河飞将:秘密任务2》(WC: The Secret Missions 2)

《银河飞将II:帝国逆袭》(Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi)
《银河飞将II:特别任务1》(WCII: Special Operations 1)
《银河飞将II:特别任务2》(WCII: Special Operations 2)
《银河飞将II:语音资料片》(WCII: Speech Pack)

《银河飞将军官学校》(Wing Commander Academy)

《银河飞将:私掠者》(Wing Commander: Privateer)
《银河飞将私掠者:语音资料片》(WC Privateer: Speech Pack)
《银河飞将私掠者:正义出击》(WC Privateer: Righteous Fire)

《银河飞将无敌舰队》(Wing Commander Armada)

《银河飞将III:虎之心》(Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger)

《银河飞将IV:自由的代价》(Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom)

《基拉锡三部曲》(Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga)

《私掠者2:黯星枭雄》(Privateer 2: The Darkening)

《银河飞将:神谕》(Wing Commander: Prophecy)

《秘密行动》(Secret Ops)

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Original update published on May 9, 2021