Chicken's Fleet Thread


Building a new fleet for my belated comic.

My first series of models are best described as clunky and unrefined.

So, I was dissatisfied and nixed them, retaining only a few and starting on a new series built from the ground up. Inspired by the awesome work of our resident modelers like Marc, Pioneer, and Standoff and countless others, I'm back at it and kickin' some vertices.

Now CIC fans, let me know what you think of it.

Our first subject is the F-47 Star Saber (Sabre for others), a 'heavy' interceptor built from the shambles of a failed torpedo bomber program that left an excessive quantity of powerful anti-matter reactors and heavy engine pods behind. Rather than leave such equipment unused, engineers built a rugged fighter around them.


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Looks good! Great work! I'd suggest you do a few renders though, wireframes are good but it's hard to get a good feel of what it would look like with lighting and such. I'm digging the design though, very cool.
Looks good! Great work! I'd suggest you do a few renders though, wireframes are good but it's hard to get a good feel of what it would look like with lighting and such. I'm digging the design though, very cool.

Oh, I got renders :) and another pair of pics without wireframes.


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New update:
The current set of models belongs to the Star Empire faction (the F-47 Star-Saber and TB 138 Kataphraktes).

Though the model's is under reconstruction, it's roughly 60% done. The original was a little longer and more complex.

The TB-138 Kataphraktes is an all purpose heavy fighter/strike bomber - despite being an older design and service record for 125 years, it's been continually upgraded and retrofitted to compete with modern fighters and continues to outperform enemy torpedo bombers in battle, though it's limited atmospheric capabilities are tolerable, but still wanting.

In other plans I've completely dashed the fleet list for the Terran Commonwealth and decided on a stupid and brash maneuver like any rookie pilot that has a good chance to get himself killed. The ship list is still a work in progress, but details will be revealed later - except that I will work with CIC and fellow wingnuts on the Terran warbirds and material.


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Been busy with school and more modeling. So, here's some attached screens of Star Empire capships in the making with some turret action.

Doesn't that carrier look suspicious?:D

I'm going to ask for some ideas on creating the Terran faction in my original universe. This is a bit of a different departure from normally seeking originality, but I'm having a hard time giving the Terrans a unique look and feel.

Faction Concept:

The Commonwealth is a union of major Terran worlds formed about 5 centuries ago after the bleak period termed the "Galactic Dark Age", ruled by a democratic government and includes a few other alien races that haven't tried wiping humanity of the galactic map. They are luckily allied to the Star Empire and as a result many ship classes with minor variations are shared by the militaries.

The second group, the Terran Republic, is very similar except they use older vessels brought to modern specs or beyond.

Naval Concept:

The Commonwealth relies on carriers, assault craft, and strike craft for their initial punch, but also deploy capships in concert when necessary. Battleships and other big gunned boats are simply too old or expensive - compromises between carriers and battleships have lead to the battlecruiser (essentially a fast carrier with some big guns). Overall, Terran vessels are about versatility and technological edge over mass numbers.


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I needed a short break from 3D work and whipped together three possible candidates for the Star Empire insignia.

Which ones looks the best in your opinion?


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I like the first one the best. Do each of the parts of the insignia represent something?

The blue star represents four of the 'core' systems of the Star Empire - So'Taal, Anoes, Cortayne/Menumiin, and Kaal-Juur, the gold represents the capitol world of Kevus-Inaas and grey the industrial strength of Emus-Vaan (the easiest way to describe it is like Detroit in Privateer or a Forgeworld from Warhammer 40,000)
Update: The Concor... I mean Columbia class fleet carrier.

When designing a 'universal' carrier, I had to pay tribute to Wing Commander and to my favorite class of ship, the Concordia fleet carrier. The Columbia heavily resembles the Concordia, doing so to remind me of the awesome times in WC IV I had trying to shoot down the accursed Longbows attacking the Intrepid.

This variant of the Columbia belongs to the Star Empire faction (the Terran Columbia has less arms and armor in comparison, but carries more fighters in return). Columbias have the distinction of being an older design, but its variants are seen in service by multiple navies galaxy wide.

You maybe asking why there isn't a conning tower on the right, well it's because many of my carrier models are influenced by real world carriers having conning towers on the left.

Feel free to criticize and praise, I feel it needs much more work.


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Feel free to criticize and praise, I feel it needs much more work.

It does – but it's also an extremely impressive piece of work that's basically sound. It reminds me of a Confed carrier crossed with a Homeworld 2 Hiigaran battlecruiser, which is a little game I tried to play myself at one point before I eventually found the discrepancies too difficult to reconcile. You seem to have worked out just fine, however.