Check Out the Lobby Cards Produced for the US (August 6, 2021)


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Yesterday we got a peek at the awesome French lobby cards designed to promote the Wing Commander Movie, and I mentioned that there were several also available in North America. I looked a bit through our archives, and pics of these cards are few and far between. We didn't want to deprive anyone of our heroes' retinal signatures or flight (school) records, so here are updated photos of each one! You also get bonus pilot nose art and shots of the back this time. The backs differ by calling out the actor shown on the front. I wonder if anyone has ever mailed one before?

Original update published on August 6, 2021
Hunh.... Somehow I had never seen the back of these before. It's an interesting choice that it says the movie was both Written and Directed by Chris Roberts on the back. Chris wrote the original treatment that Droney used as a very loose framework to write his draft from. Chris also seems to be credited with the first rewrite, that added the Pilgrim Traitors (the first draft has people suspicious of Blair being a traitor but it turns out it was actually an evil AI... AI have a strange throughline in the original draft). Though I've seen some suggest there was a different person in volved in the rewrites. I've mostly seen those people credited on the third/fourth drafts and a lot of those changes were unused. Anyway there was a recent interview with Droney that was quite interesting, though like Chris' own recollections in a recent book are clouded by time a little.
On another note, the pilot ratings in the right of each card are interesting/Funny... Maniac's safety rating for example, or why is it important that 53 pilots have died under Angel's command.
"Dear Christopher Blair,
Hello, my friend, I am a bank manager for Canaan Islands on Earth. We have your digital retinal signature and have purchased a plot of land on Kilrah as land prices are expected to skyrocket in the next 20 years. This is a unique opportunity and scuttlebutt has the expectation of war coming to its conclusion soon and will provide a health influx towards your retirement fund."