Check Out Conversation with Cutaway Creators (August 24, 2018)


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NinjaLA found a neat interview at Trekyards with the Cushman brothers, who created all those awesome Star Trek cutaway posters back in the day. It's an interesting discussion that provides insight into the design process and what goes into creating magnificent pieces of art like this.

These clips are entirely focused on the Star Trek work, but it's also important to note than Michael Cushman was the creator of Wing Commander's own awesome Tiger's Claw cutaway poster tie in to the Wing Commander Movie. It was fully designed but never released, and the Cushmans helped bring this long lost gem to fans. It's been a few years since we've mentioned it in the news, but it's absolutely not to be missed, so here it is again:

Original update published on August 24, 2018


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Still have my cutaway poster of the -D sitting in amongst the detritus of my garage. Wife wouldn't let me put it up in our bedroom...