Chapter XII - Solo


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Presumably then, whatever gets peeled off is recycled as Epee armour
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With bubblegum and some cheap tape to keep it "toghether".

Perhap's some good ol' flour glue...

Nah, that would be too much already.

How's the uni?

The WC Source Code Release Project needs you!

"This matter winds itself ever in new riddles.", Faramir - The Lord of The Rings

"...we follow the sun, we follow the sun, we follow the sun..."
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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>'Bout tyme!
Aw keep yer shirt on. I did pick the nits in the end didn't I?

2. &gt;He approached the door slowly, sticking his hands out so as not to smash headlong into it in this gravity-less environment.&lt; - Lesee here now. How about, "He aproached slowly, stretching his hands out so as not to smash headlong into the door that lead from this gravity-less environment?"
4. On a fore paw, cats have as many claws as the number of this comment +1, though on a hind paw it's just 4.

8. Whatever.

They may jump by their democratic right.
14. I think so.
21. And by New Years Eve they were probably back in the trenches lobbing tar. Human stupidity knows no bounds.

22. Okay.

Yes, concentrating on the lead character warranted the omission of the capship battle.
Actually I though he'd have one last dream since he was knocked unconcious.

How could you make a poor comms officer have such a meaningless purpose in life?
Heck even the humble Weasel pilot and capship commander get a fair shot in my story.
As for the safe landing, exactly. It is just as likely but not neccessary as interesting. Which is why I'd rather see your solution through to the end.
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Yeah, you did - in the end

2. Not quite right, because it's not leading from this gravity-less environment. Incidentally, in the Word version, it's no longer gravity-less - it's zero-gravitity. Anyway, I'll think about this more tomorrow (which doesn't mean a minute from now
4. Your memory must be burning out
. We've discussed this before, and it has been proven that the Kilrathi have only four claws (one opposable... reminds me of a great DOTT quote... "You're just jealous cause we've got opposable thumbs!"
). They look feline, but we must never forget that they're not actually related to our Earthly felines.
8. *whew* That was close...
21. Yes, it's absolutely crazy. But that's sentience for ya.

The comms officer is quite pleased with her role in life
. However, if you wish for her to live for a greater purpose, I will happily ensure that the TCS Lancelot is transferred to Gemini Sector.

Besides, the Weasel pilot deserved attention simply because of his craft, while my capship commander also got some attention here
. And I do recall that you had one or two characters whose sole purpose was to be killed. At least my comms officer lives to see another meaningless day
And even if Weaver had landed safely, he still would have had to be removed from the craft unconscious, because he would have fallen asleep instantly
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2. Actually in that particular case I preferred gravity-less - and I wouldn't trust word too much since it suggested gravitity.

4. I remember that perfectly well but I dinna have a reference feline on paw before.

8. It just seemed like one of those gray areas that needed filling and you did a fine job of it.

The Weasel pilot need not get the attention, the craft should...and it hasn't yet, come to think of it. Aw well. Something to add two sections from now - which is the same place I was then. Must really get some of it done one of these days.
Even being killed by the enemy is an important role.

Why does it not surprise me you'd suggest Weaver fall asleep the moment he hit the flight deck?
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2. Yeah, but whatever it is, it still doesn't solve the problem.

Yeah, I think you should get on with it one of these days
. Like, in this lifetime
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