Chapter 3: Patrol


"All here, good." Colonel pryce stepped up to the podium."
"it looks like we won't be in the Mylon system as soon as we'd hoped, the Hoste has detected Kilrathi engine trails here in Gimle, analysis of the reading suggests a small raider group, maybe a destroyer and 2 corvettes, nothing we can't handle, neverthelss, if left unattended this force could sever a vital convoy rout for this sector, which is why Commodore Fenton had ordered our taskforce to remain in the Gimle system until these raiders have been properly dealt with, Hatchet? Looks like your lads or going to be busy today.

The fair haired CO of Whippet squadron stepped up and began allocating recon patrol areas to each of the five flights under his command.

"Ghazi, your wing will be responsible for the Gimle Major gas giant, see if there are any ships skulking in the atmosphere or hiding in the rings, take Squire along on this one."

Barrington made a quick note of the patrol route a point midway between Audacious groups current position and G-Major, an orbit around the rings to allow a scan, of the planet, which, combined with the efforts of other wings stopping off at either pole would determine whether the Neptune sized planet was hiding any cat ships. A souting mission? Confirmed enemy presence? Convenient bolthole? By Barrington's way of thinking these represented a very good chance this would be his first brush with the enemy, that the years of academy training, drills and lectures might have been some use afterall.

"That concludes our briefing." Wyvern's voice brought him back to reality with a start.
"Let's get to work."


Note: There is a copy of this chapter in the "Strike with daring" post, this one was a mistake o my part