Catscratch's Turkish Trip (January 8, 2011)


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Mark Dacascos isn't just busy on TV. The Iron Chef, space fighter pilot and expert dancer also has a big role in a new movie, Sultanin Sirri, where he plays a big antiterrorist agent fighting in Turkey. AD found an article and trailer here.

Everyone's favorite Iron Chef - not to mention a former Crow and cult favorite thanks to films like Drive and Crying Freeman - is headed to Turkey.

Mark Dacascos has a key role in Sultanin Sirri, an upcoming Turkish action film. Dacascos plays an American agent in the picture which aims to provide a Turkish spin on the international espionage / terrorism genre and if the first trailer is any indication the production values on this are actually quite good.

Original update published on January 8, 2011
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Didn't even make the connection that's who it was when I was watching it, but thought he was great doing the History Channel's "Samurai" documentary...felt like a light bulb just turned on in making that connection. Guess it's been just that long since I've played WC4.

This is very cool stuff.