Cargo Haul: Australian Kilrathi Saga Edition (January 15, 2020)


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After many years of admiring from afar, I finally added a copy of the Australian Wing Commander Kilrathi Saga to my collection. It's essentially the same game as the North American edition, but there are some nice cosmetic differences. I knew it had a spiral bound 'yearbook' manual, but I didn't expect the paper to be different. It has a softer and almost newsprint feel compared to more common glossy pages. Speaking of being soft, instead of five hard separate jewel cases, the disc holder is also a faux leather plastic inside of a glossy sleeve. The game also has a sticker from the Office of Film and Literature classification that gives it a "General 8 Years & Over" rating due to a low level of violence. For comparison, the ESRB gives Kilrathi Saga a Mature 17+ designation based on "mild language and realistic violence" (primarily from the WC3 cutscenes). I guess they have a pretty high tolerance under!

Original update published on January 15, 2020


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I can't see it in the photo, but there is also a 1997/2673 Calendar too?

The rating system here is VERY inconsistent and hardly tolerant, I can assure you! Many games now are being refused classification, even with our new shiny R18+ rating simply because the board refuses to properly investigate games or review their outdated classification system...

Until recent years, the board never truly cared about the content in games. Something like Wing Commander should have an M rating (recommended 15 or over but not required). The fact it doesn't have one proves that whomever reviewed this game only played it for a short time, which was the case for most games back in the day, because other games at the time received PG or M rating for similar "medium levels of violence and coarse language" in cut-scenes.


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TBH, Angel's disemboweling by a large feline might be considered a standard occurence of daily life in Australia, given the local fauna.


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Hmm. I posted a spare copy of the Australian Kilrathi Saga to LOAF back in the middle of 2017, and I never did hear from him whether it actually arrived or not. Given how much time has passed, and that this news item is signed by Chris, I guess it didn't. A real pity :( .