Cardboard Claw


it is work in progress.

cardboard structure, cast in paper mache. it is 2 1/2 feet long, 7 inches tall. 13 inches wide projected.


thanks. already, I have sliced my finger open trying to form the underbubble.

spill blood for Wing Commander, anybody?


Bandit LOAF

Long Live the Confederation!
spill blood for Wing Commander, anybody?
Hehe, yeah -- Kilrathi Saga put me in the hospital once... I put my arm through a glass door when I went to pick the box from EA Direct.

Your model looks great!


-Thank you. I am working very hard at it. It is rough edged, but hopfully angles will be corrected, and painting will go just as smoothly.

- No. I am using camera-on-phone to take pictures. I will go to preist for better pictures; he has better camera than I. I should have bought a better camera before I moved to this backwater place...

- I am using a model from the CIC as the structure. As for which one, Its Marc's model. I believe it is the most accurate.

Everyone else
Thanks for your support.




You can build about anything with cardboard and a little patience and lots of nasty cuts.

When it comes to rough or sharp edges, I'd suggest getting some sturdy tape and covering the offending edges, or you can go the extra mile and give a nice smooth finish with tape. Except it requires a lot of tape.


OK! I finally got the local clergyman to allow me to use his camera, and I came up with these pics. It took some time to shape the underbubble, and as you've seen before, some flesh :), but its almost done! I plan on getting my hands on some more cardboard to make a Gettysburg Destroyer, A Lexington Carrier, Ranger, and maybe even a Concordia. I hope you guys like it, as I've put a lot of work into it.

To finish it up, I'm going to get some masking tape, and squaring the edges, and painting it using Marc's paint scheme. I'm also going to get some styrofoam balls and some hobby sticks for the turrets, and some miniature drinking cups for the radar silos, and the engine ports.


Heres a side image with the newly constructed Nacelles, the turrets are being worked on right now, so check back in a bit.

Here's a little backdoor action ;)

And finally, as of yet, the famous opening scene (kinda) to WC2