Can't create pilot



I installed WC Saga and started it up. I typed in my call sign as it asked and hit enter. The game then displayed a message saying that it could not create a pilot and that my disk might be full. I have 42GB free so that can't be the reason so I click ignore and the game crashed and displayed this message.

Error: Couldn't load pilot file, bailing

Call Stack: Kernel32.dll 7c816ff7()

This message does not make sense because I have not installed any thing to the J drive. So any ideas.


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That is really strange... I'm sure Tolwyn and crew would be interested to see more information (system specs, ect.). For now, if you want you can shoot me an e-mail at and I can send you a pilot file to put into your players folder, and see if that works.

Again, it is a strange issue, so it might not work. :) However, it is worth a shot if you're interested.


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it is very rare issue with file system permissions. Go into the data folder and create there a folder called pilot (but I belive it exists already). Inside it create another folder called single :)

Gun Ship

I've create the folder called single but it hasn't solved my problem. So what should I do now?