Can u tell me...


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... what it is ? (if the picture appears... i hope, i hope...)



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Originally posted by NoRemorse
but it is written on the upper left corner: "CD-ROM VERSION PC". Is it another version of WC1 or WC2 ?

I know it may sound far-fetched but perhaps a fan just painted a CD-Cover, including that "CD-ROM Version PC" because that's what'd be on a CD-Cover.


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That actually sounds plausible.

And no, it's not from a SB-combo pack, AFAIK. I don't think those packages are nice enough to have an individual CD for every piece of software included.


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Originally posted by Ghost
Maybe some CD that comes with the Sound-Blaster combo or anything else ?

Creative did release a package deal with their SB16 sound system. A single red disk with black titles: Syndicate Plus, Wing Commander 2, Strike Commander and Ultima 4.


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Yes, but they're compilations - not individual CDs. Incidentally, mine's blue with gold writing - and with Ultima 8 instead of 4.


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