Can not find the cloak key for WC3


I have all the docs for my WC3 game, but can not find the reference for the cloak on my refrence card to the cloak for my excal. I saw it when I stated the game, but now that I am getting ready to drop the bomb, I can not find the dang key for cloaking and am getting hammered by all these sarkaths. What is the dang KEY!

Thank you for your help! :D

Red Baron

Rear Admiral
Ctrl-c usually does the trick. Also consider you can't use cloaking as you please, you only have a prototype installed.


Frog Blast the Vent Core!
You are able to cloak twice during that mission. (Prior to the Thrakhath/Hobbes Nav Point and when you reach the surface)

But as Red Baron said it is CTRL C