Camel Cockpit WIP


I think that the "small time trades" run things so close to the
wire that they wouldn't turn down anyones money .

That doesn't mean they wouldn't ask why someone who has the
resorces that a "Camel" owner does is trying to hire out work .

A "Camel" owner getting ripped a new one on repairs on a "outback"
planet , oh-yah !!!!

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Okay - slight update. I put some light fixtures in, and I've significantly reduced the size and thickness of the leather panels.


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Where the four panneled light meets the cieling .
Why does it look like there leather trim with sticthing ,
between the wood and the lamp fixture ?
I think that having the fixture flush to the wood would
have a sharper chrisper look .


Rear Admiral
Here's one post that's sorely needed here: Howard: HOLY CRAP are you good!!!! Has anyone seen a professionally made space-sim come out recently with detail levels anywhere near that good????????? I haven' how about cutting the all-out negativity and criticism and perhaps making suggestions with a more admirational aire???

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Nope - I want criticism. It's the only way this is going to get any better. Quarto had some genuinely good points - and most of them have already been taken into consideration and acted upon.


Howard I said it in passing here and to a greater degree
on the Tarsus thread , GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!

Now as to your requset for critique(sp?) of the lay out ,
I am a "warehouse manager" (a staff of 1) at a Lexus dealership ,
I inspect repair parts {door pannels (interior) , lamps , seat covers (leather) }
for imperfections daily as I recieve my shipments . So I know what the
parts of a luxury vechicle should look like . I think you are well on your way
to achiving your goal of a realistic looking "Queen of merchants" here .

Tone down the grain on the leather particularly on the large biege pannels .
Is it just lighting , or are there two different wood types/stains ?
And keep up the amazing work!!!

Howard Day

Random art guy.
Thanks, Cargoman, good to know I'm at least getting close. By grain, you mean the wrinkles on the leather, right? I halved them in this update - lemme know if that's what you meant. Also did the thing with the overheads. It looks okay both ways.
Okay, I've added the main console and all the MFDs and displays.

Quarto: haven't heard from you in a bit, bud - is it looking more to your liking now? Or should I make it less padded? Cause I can do that.
Take a look and let me know what you guys think..


Unknown Enemy
Howard Day said:
Quarto: haven't heard from you in a bit, bud - is it looking more to your liking now? Or should I make it less padded? Cause I can do that.
Take a look and let me know what you guys think..
Hehe, well, you mentioned that you'd be adding more detail - so I thought I might wait a bit before commenting again ;). Still, based on the current images, I would have to say that there's still some issues. The padding takes up less space now, but it still runs the whole length of the wall. I understand that there's stuff hidden away behind the panels... but even so, it still seems weird to have a whole wall of these. Like I mentioned before, there's all sorts of stuff you could put up on the walls - and IMO, right now something really needs to be there to break up the "tunnel of padded leather" effect, and to get across the fact that it's not all just there to look lush and pretty. In other words, if there's a utilitarian side hidden underneath the panels, try bringing it to the surface in one or two places.


Mr. Standoff
Hmm, I must also say I do not quite like it. I understand it's not complete yet, but in my initial judgement I share some of Q's views... here's a couple thoughts:

- If you have 12 bazillion credits to spend, and you want to show them off, you buy an extremely luxurious office and hire people to work for you in cramped and under-serviced ships. You do not put your own rich arse inside some luxurious trading ship that a 120-credit missile can de-pressurize during that dangerous cargo run.

You might, however, put your rich arse inside a luxurious space limo... leading up to my next point:

- This cockpit is radically different from the other ships'... so I don't think it will make sense unless you also intend the gameplay in this ship to be radically different from the gameplay in the other ships (and if you do, please excuse my ignorance in this matter).

For example, I could see a cockpit like this used in a fast means of transportation for filthy rich people (ie: a Ferrari)... But when you add guns and a cargo hold to a ship (and, I'm guessing, more guns than on the starter ship, and/or more cargo space than on the starter ship?), it's bound to serve the same purposes as the other ships in the game... and so, you can't compare it to anything but an utilitarian vehicle just like the other ships are meant to be.

I just don't see anyone buying a luxurious ship if their motivation is hauling more cargo per run, or being able to fight off stronger attackers... some other company would just make a ship with the same stats, but without any of the luxury options, and it'd drive the first guys out of business. :p

I'm not saying there shouldn't be a market for luxury in the game - there should be, but it should be tangible in the gameplay. Let people realize that with this ship, they're paying for luxury more than for performance.

Howard Day

Random art guy.
120 credit missiles? Heh. Missiles cost upwards of 2-12 thousand (Dumbfire's the lowest, FF the highest, it's a change we had to make because there are no launchers , just singular hardpoints). And pirates don't carry them.... Still, I do see your point. I'll dirty it up a bit - get rid of a bit of that new-car-smell and see where it goes. First thing I'll do is add some cut-out holes into the leather panels, Quarto. I've got a good idea on how to make this work.

For the record - I'm not going to drastically change the design. I can, however, do a hell of a lot to bring it more in line with the other ships. Do please keep in mind the different ship roles, though - all the ships will have fundamentally different purposes, and need to reflect that in the cockpit design. They are not comparable to one another - this ship will never be an able fighter or gunship for instance. It's just not designed to be.
I think this one's on the right track - it just needs to be finessed. You guys have been immensely helpful in that.
Anyhow - I'll attempt to get more updates out to you guys here shortly.


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I just realized it might not be such a bad idea to have padding around the lower walls... think about the jump scenes from the movie, and all the other things that might knock you around in flight, if you're not strapped down in you chair. Just a thought. I mean, if your a rich tycoon, would that be the way you would want to go? bump your head into some hard metal thingie when your co-pilot deceided to jump before you got into your seat.;)

Aplha 1-1

Perhaps such luxury for a 'sport could be like a reward ship or make certain cargo types available? (bunch of richies that wanna get from point A to point B, for example, want to make sure they've got the best gun in the sector AND do it in style for example) but its not really for me to say, just idle speculation.
And besides, with your mum in the cargo hold she 'd better be comfy or you'd never hear the end of it ;)


Alex Von T.
I disagree entirely, if you've ever ridden on a private jet, they are every bit the over the top, decadent craft that they are intended to be. add a few chairs to it, so that you can impress your friends.... er passengers ;P

and this, my friends.. is a private jet :p


First of all, this is a fantastic job of modeling. It's an interesting take on things. Personally, I don't think it's such a great idea. It's just to different from the rest of Wing Commander's ships. I know its supposed to be a commercial/civilian ship, but it's not utilitarian enough. Its not very spaceship-y. Other than that, you'd have to go far and wide to find cockpits this good.

Also: When can we exspect to see some interiors of the pre Wc1 fighters ?(Corsair, Cougar)


Howard ,, sorry crashed early last night .
(end of year audit/inventory 16hr days, blah,blah)
Work system unable to play your movie .
Hench commentary must wait .
Sorry for the delay , will be glad to offer an opinon when I'm able .

Yes the wrinkles and strech(sp?)marks that were on the animals
skin is what I'm refeering to as "grain" . In the larger pieces they
were just to noticable , fine for shoes or coats for the "worker" type
but totaly unacceptable for high end upholstery .


well, it looks like a really luxurious ship, and very cool at that, but there's one thing i can't get: the name!
i mean camels are beasts of burden, like mules, and not exaclty luxury goods.
if it's a super expensive space yacht, why not call it a princess(famous brit luxury yacht builder) or a maybach mk7 (400000€ car) or a jaguar or even call it an escalade, but a camel???
i mean that's a desert mule or a cig, and i'm not sure whicxh assosiation i like better.

i'd just like to understand how you came to call a superexpensive ship like a living desert truck