Caernaven WIP


I read the forums, but I don't post much. Over the past few years, in quite an eclectic manner, I try to teach myself something new in Lightwave. Each year when I feel the need to model I generally find with a little patience I'm a bit better than I was the year before. Long story short, I always enjoyed taking WC ships and giving them a bit of a twist. Below is my rendition of a Caernaven Class Frigate. I always had an appriciation for the ship, not sure why. I took my shot at a model that changes the design a bit, but keeps the same basic shape.

I am aware of some of the excellent tallent that the WC Community has when it comes to modeling, so I'm curious what others think for my first serious attempt at a Caernaven Frigate. Constructive criticism is very welcome. Anything that doesn't look or feel stock is probably something I thought would have added better aesthetics or made more sense (though I realize how unaccepting some of the community can be to change from our favorite old blocky capships.)

I'm actually in China this semester, so this is all in my free time, and my response time might be kind of slow-- either way, let me know what you think. There are a few problems I've seen and fixed, and the lighting could be a bit better in areas, but I'm impatient in rendering time.

Er, there is a bad judgement of size with the "bridge" area. It looks like its kind of one big stand-in area, where in actuality little windows fit inside that strip that otherwise just looks like the forward glass of the "bridge." Windows might actually have given a better insight into size and scale, just noticed this, my appologies.
Looking good! But could you render something in a higher resolution so we can see the details better? Right now, I'd probably make the turrets a little rounder, and perhaps fillet some edges here and there.
I was thinking the same on the turrets myself, they almost seem a bit too big as well. I'm working on a 800x600 (still small, I apologize) with some quick fixes to some lines that were bothering me.

I'll try to throw on a 1024x768 or higher tomorrow when I do some laundry.

Theres still a lot I haven't learned to do yet. Everything I've figured out is either by chance or tutorial. If anyone has a good tutorial for bump mapping in lightwave, I'd love to see it.

But yeah, I'll try to get some higher resolution stuff in the next 24 hours. Though I'm afraid there probably isn't too much detail =)
Another quick picture, little higher res, but not much higher-- I fixed a few things that were annoying me. Have yet to play with any of the turrets, things picked a bit inthe busy factor, especially since the girl is coming back from vacation today. Texturing is an entirely different manner. If anyone has some high res textures they think might look good on it, I'd be willing to take the time to play with it some more. I have yet to get the UV Texturing methods down in LW as much as I would like. Should have just stuck to learning 3DS a few years back-- oh well. Heres what I have now, with a few improvements, most not too visible.