Cadet Blair & Admiral Burgstrom Part II


I brought this up before, but I encountered new facts that support my case.
2-26-01 lists my original facts; my new facts start at Fact 9.


Fact 1. Admiral Burgstrom apparently never had an intimate relationship with a man before since the series doesn't describe her having one, the series just has Geoffrey Tolwyn say how they "were young then" at the Academy. Maybe Admiral Burgstrom thought she could make up for lost time and "feel young again" by having an intimate relationship with the young Cadet Blair.

Fact 2. Admiral Burgstrom is in a high position of authority and can use that to her advantage. Blair is just a Cadet and would not have had much influence in court if he decided to turn Burgstrom in for any "advances" she might have done towards him. She could have used her position of authority to make certain that a minimum amount of female personnel were on the Tiger's Claw thus reducing any possible competition she might later on encounter -- this would account for the few females we see in the series on board the Tiger's Claw (like we just see Maya the fighter tech, Cadets Bowman and Price). And remember, the Cadets, after their private duel in Episode Red And Blue, were transferred to the Tiger's Claw for, as Tolwyn put it, "hands-on training" required by Fleet HQ. The words "hands-on" kind of implies something ... -- these Cadets were just Cadets! And, they should not have been transferred to real live action until after they completed their training!

Fact 3. Admiral Burgstrom wanted to meet with Blair in HER PRIVATE shuttle to ask Blair to spy on Tolwyn. Tolwyn should've been aware of Blair going onto Burgstrom's shuttle so it would've made more sense if Burgstrom had just handed Blair a paper to read (the paper would've had her orders for Blair to spy on Tolwyn written on it) while Tolwyn wasn't nearby the two on the Tiger's Claw. Also, it would've made more sense for Burgstrom just to have had the Tiger Claw's Com Officer spy on Tolwyn -- he would've had a much easier chance of sending messages to Burgstrom since he had access to all that communication equipment (Burgstrom should've just given the Com Officer a secret frequency to broadcast to her). Burgstrom told Blair how she understood how he lead the recon through the jump node. When Blair concurred and said how that Cadet Price flew wing, Burgstrom abruptly cuts him off as if she was trying to get him to not in any way think about Cadet Price (remember, Cadet Price is a female) quickly saying, "We'll talk in my shuttle". Notice how she uses the word "we". Burgstrom probably wanted to quickly get Blair into the shuttle so he could get influenced by her seductive ways quickly and efficiently. I can't imagine any Admiral quickly saying "We'll talk in my shuttle" as a means to order a Cadet into a shuttle (other than to save time), a true Admiral would've said something more like "Cadet, I have a few things I would like for you to review in my shuttle."

Fact 4. It was known for a long time that Blair was pretty much the best Cadet and was tremendously above average. Burgstrom's subconscious mind probably started thinking that she and Blair should get together to mate together so they would be able to produce the best children who would grow up to finish the ConFed/Kilrathi War. Burgstrom probably subconsciously thought that her mating with Blair was a strategic necessity and to not mate w/ Blair to produce the best offspring would have been against everything she was sworn to uphold. I know in the U.S. Military, personnel are sworn to "protect the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic". My guess is, ConFed personnel pretty much swear the same Oath -- they probably swear something like "I will protect the ConFederation against all enemies foreign and domestic". You can't fight a war if you don't have people doing the fighting. Burgstrom understood that just as much as Blair did (Blair likes having people around especially flying with him -- he prefers mass groups ganging up on Kilrathi like Burgstrom).

Fact 5. Now, you're probably thinking, gee Chip, you really are insane to think this stuff up. The thing is, ConFed was fighting an INSANE war (ConFed lost 70 percent of its fleet), so people started think to fight INSANELY. Burgstrom probably wanted Blair with her because he always could keep his sanity intact -- he never lost his cool at any time he was in the Academy -- she probably thought she'd lose it if Blair wasn't there to "provide necessary comfort" -- Burgstrom probably thought Blair was going to be the best bet for a sane gentleman like mate.

Fact 6. Using Blair to spy on Tolwyn enables Burgstrom to test Blair's obedience to her. If Blair didn't obey Burgstrom, she would have had less faith in him.

Fact 7. Burgstrom, whenever she looked at Blair, solely looked at Blair. Cadets get intimidated when Admirals just glare at them just like when employees get intimidated when their bosses glare at them -- Burgstrom was testing how well Blair could cope with an Admiral just glaring at him -- she knew she would be spending alot of time with Blair when her relationship would commence and she her "glare tests" were just to see if Blair could handle Burgstrom. And Blair responded to her by looking right at her too -- they both made excessive eye contact.

Fact 8. It's interesting how during the surprise attack on Burgstrom's Fleet, Admiral Burgstrom's escape pod "mysteriously" gets close to Blair's fighter. Burgstrom probably subconsicously thought she could still continue to get her relationship with Blair still working since it would have been logical Blair would've came to her in the Tiger's Claw medical bay so she could have thanked him for saving her. Or was it fate that maneuvered her to Blair.

New Facts:
Fact 9: Ria Burgstrom wore LOTS of eyeshadow when she was with Blair in her shuttle. The amount of eyeshadow she wore was quite excessive.

To sum up everything, my guess is, Admiral Burgstrom did not want to risk getting caught having an intimate relationship with a Cadet who was technically under her command which would have resulted in a court martial getting her put in prison especially since she had failed to successfully defeat the Kilrathi Fleet at Ceti Beta One, so she probably decided to just let go of Blair and the past when she was in the medical bay. Or maybe she was playing the part of "innocent Admiral" and waiting for a secret moment she could be with Blair.


Fact 10: There wasn't a conclusion to Burgstrom & Blair's meeting. In just about every other conversation shown in the show, there's using the characters leaving each other or performing some action that shows their respective conversations ending. Did the writers deliberately leave out a special secret scene of the episode?

Fact 11. This fact was actually theorized by a friend of mine, not me. When I told him about my theories of Blair & Burgstrom, he told me that he though Burgstrom looked Chinese. I asked "Yeah, so?" At first I didn't understand what he was getting at until he explained to me that caucasians and asians marry more than any other interracial couple. He even gave me a link to a website that states that.


chip: Good god man, no offence but you are D*MNED SLOW. there was nothing there, it was a CHILDREN's cartoon.

More importantly come to think of it, you still haven't learned to spell her name

Finally: damn it has been a long time since one of your topics showed up. They always make us all argue with you. It is fun, brings life to these boards.



Fact 1:
Entirely conjectural. Just because the series doesn't mention a relationship, doesn't mean she's never had one. Also her private life is unimportant to the storyline, so there's no reason to speculate. Finally if she was looking for a relationship, she could recreate the past with Tolwyn more easily than with Blair.

Fact 2: If Bergstrom wanted no competition, why didn't she simply have Blair assigned to her ship and lose all the other females? Hands on training undoubtedly refers to the Cadets receiving combat experience. Since the Tiger's Claw had been assigned to quiet systems, Tolwyn was not expecting serious opposition.

Fact 3: Bergstrom wanted Blair to spy on his commanding officer. Therefore she would have to utilize somewhere where there's no chance of being discovered. The shuttle's adequate for that purpose. She couldn't give Blair a paper as this could be discovered. Also she needs to be in a position whereby she can guage Blair's reaction and hence trustworthiness for this delicate operation. She also cannot be sure of the comm officer, who probably has served under Tolwyn longer than Blair and is more likely to be loyal to the Commodore. Also your variation of Burgstrom's "we'll talk in my shuttle" means exactly the same thing as what she said. There's nothing suspicious about it.

Fact 4: If Burgstrom really believes that eugenics crap, then it would make more sense to pair Blair with the best female pilot. Actually Blair hasn't really distinguished himself yet, so there's not point to mate him with anyone.

Fact 5: The war was no more insane than any other war Confed had fought. Blair was not the only person to keep his cool.

Fact 6: This doesn't mean anything. Blair might agree simply because he doesn't like Tolwyn.

Fact 7: There was no excessive eye contact. It is customary to look at the person to whom you are speaking or who is speaking to you.

Fact 8: Coincidence.

Fact 9: There is nothing to indicate the makeup was meant for Blair's visual pleasure. She may simply like the stuff alot.

Fact 10: Its probably just a filming technique. Again there is nothing to imply an intimate relationship if something really was cut out.

Fact 11: If Bergstrom is Chinese, then you can argue that Blair is also Asian. Secondly an increased probability is nothing more than a probability.

In conclusion there is nothing untoward in the relationship between Blair and Bergstrom. Any suspicion is nothing more than conjecture. In fact if you insist on following this reasoning then you could argue that Thrakhath is infatuated with Blair since he bothered to make up a pet name for Blair, and personally disposed of Angel :rolleyes: Actually this has been a good time waster for me :)


Hey Chip, are you an english teacher? You fit the type; overanalyitcal, drawing conclusions from crap, etc, etc...


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Originally posted by LeHah

Personally, though, I wonder if one of the Admins created him as a joke to get people riled up and to saterize some of the posters on here.
That's what I've been been thinking too... I mean a guy like that, that appears every 3 months to tell us about the relationship of "Burgstrom" and Blair in a 1000+ word essay, can't be real...