C-36 Alpha Type shuttle


Here's WCSaga's new and improved shuttle model!

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The Alpha Type series of shuttles represents the newest method by the Confederation to take one basic logistic design and configure it for several different variations. These shuttles function well in both atmospheric and space vacuum environments and have the latest in power plant, shielding, and construction technology. Cheap, durable, reliable, the Alpha Type series economical values are superceded by their capability that gives the Terran Confederation a logistics edge over the Kilrathi. These shuttles have replaced the older Greyhound and Hermes shuttles and are now carried by almost every ship in the fleet.

The Type-A is the 'vanilla' model, a basic jump-capable shuttle with all-around personnel and transport capacity, but there are many other variants in service. The Type-L is a long-range VIP shuttle for flag officers (Admiral and Generals); there are first class accommodations and extra fuel capacity. The Type-R is a Search and Rescue variant that is refitted with extra sensors (to find lifepods) and an extra medical bay. The Type-M is a light combat dropship that can carry up to 24 Marines and is armed with gatling-laser cannons and Needle anti-tank micro-missiles. The Type-F is a fuel tanker complete with an in-flight refueling system. It should be noted that the latter three variants sacrafice jump engines for extra space needed for their configurations.



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I always thought those were neat. Good job with the model and textures. Looks good. Can't wait to escort one.


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This is gonna sound strange but the shuttle and the Transport are so far the best models by Saga. Keep in mind I AM NOT SAYING THAT THE OTHERS ARE BAD! These are just great. The Shuttle is well one of my favorite designs and I am relived to see that I no longer have to cope with the lop-sided one that WC4 gave us. And the Transport took the Ugly-ass WC3/4 Transport and turned it in to something beutiful. So I must say 3 cheers for WC Saga.


Whoa! hey lynx this is even better than the first time I saw it... Im sure it didnt look this good...

You can even see silhouettes of people in the cockpit!

Mad Cow

Wow...that's awesome. I never thought the friggin' Wing commander shuttle could ever look so good. Especially nice job with the cockpit.