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Got a question for someone that may know a little more something here than I do about the subject. Has anyone been wrongly accused of a crime? I bought a car about 5 months ago and was told the inspection was due in April of this year. I didn't really think about it to bother checking the sticker, I believed the guy. Needless to say I got pulled over recently, and they noticed the inspection was false/ made up... Now I would never ever ever in a million years do something like that, I actually have the vehicle at the shop getting inspected today, because it's not a problem to inspect. What bothers me is I got charged with possession of this inspection sticker, which in the state of NY is a felony...even tho I didn't make it stick it on there or whatever. I have an attorney to help me but has anyone had this happen to them? Has anyone had something dumped on them that they hadn't even known or thought about? I mean I know I airing dirty laundry on here but they didn't even believe me that I didn't put the forsaken thing on there I mean I put the vehicle on the road in November. Any insight to similar situation would be greatly appreciated, especially since this would definately put a damper on the WC:CD project
Who made the traffic stop? NY State Police? I know alot of the guys in NY and MA....

If it was those "Transit Police" dudes, it's over...:(

Best thing to do is listen to your attorney, appeal the charge, and present the evidence. The NY courts are actually pretty good about listening to your side of the story when it's your turn.
Yea, NYS Police. Not sure if Carfax shows if vehicle Inspections do they? What are "Transit Police"? and appeal? can see how non-versed I am in NYS policies, laws, etc

So pretty much when asked if I want a trial I go.... no plea bargains or anything...Yea these guys are out of Schodack area police barracks.. Keefe was the PO's name seemed like a young guy, hey had a trainee with him. Question tho how come they spotted this thing going like 45 miles an hour and I couldn't tell if this thing was fake from up close? am I that stupid? or that blind?
I guess I should have done the carfax I guess. Man talk about up the creek without a paddle....I also viewed on DMV's website that you have to "inspect the vehicle when ownership is transfered" although I wasn't told that a DMV and was actually unaware that that had to take place when you buy a vehicle from let's say a private seller. Any other thoughts?? Similar situations?
It depends on alot of circumstances. Alot of the traditional stereotypes hold up well with NYS police. For example, years back while in college I would often visit my gf at the time who went to school in up-state NY. Without fail, if it was close to the end of the month, I'd be pulled over for tints and no front plate (but officer, I promise to have it on NEXT time...heh) I even started marking it on a calendar - it was hilarious.

Cruising late at night results in a similar eagerness to initiate a traffic stop. A few weeks ago, I was in a nice car in a small upstate town at about 2:00 AM and got pulled. I asked the officers why, and they responded that I had a break light out. I laughed...I knew it wasn't true. Of course I didn't challenge them openly (they let me go) but I pulled around the corner to get out and check, and sure enough, all of the lights were operational. Growing up, I'd often not even get pulled over - my buddy in the local EMS corps would hear my plates getting run over the radio constantly. The police would see me, get behind me, and check to see if my vehicle was stolen or if I had any outstanding violations. Like clockwork.

Now, let me also say that NYS police tend to be quite reasonable. Even when I have really deserved it, I've never walked away with an actual citation - a record that, while growing up, used to really piss off my close buddies :rolleyes:.

I would say that you need to send the ticket back with "not guilty." The officer will be there and I promise you he will work with you. It's expected. Get the inspection, bring the new and updated paperwork to court, and the situation will resolve itself.

PS - Don't get me STARTED on the Transit cops. A new ruling a few years back gave them similar powers to NYS police. They went from babysitting trainstations and port authority stops to patrolling the streets accross counties for speeders...they're the least reasonable of any of them!!
In New York you have to have insurence, inspection and a VALID licence to drive a car. First thing you do ANYTIME you buy a car is take it to a shop and have it inspected. Short of a Carfax report it's the best thing to do just to make sure the car doesn't have any problems. All carfax is really for is to make sure you don't buy a rebuilt car that's ben throu hell.

Go to ANYTIME you reregister a car or whatnet you have to have it inspected. It's doesn't matter if slappy just had it inspected the day before the transfer of title. It sucks but in New York state you have to have insurence to register a vehicle and an inspection aswell and they're all sent to the NYS DMV computer and when Mr. Cop pulls you over all that crap comes up. Most patrol cars have laptops where they can pull up everything on you (state troopers especially).

Couple years ago they instatuted a new law where all inspection stations had to use this new system. If you have a car that is 1996 or newer they hook the computer to it(if check engin like is on your screwed) and that's sent to big brother. Even the older cars (1995 and older) do this, however the check engin light (emmision) doesn't matter but the registraition info (plates) and whatnot are sent aswell verifying that the car is safe to drive (horn, E-brake, seatbelts, lights, windshield, wipers, tires).
Most of this is due to Backyard Joes finding some extra stickers and selling them. The only reason you physically put the sticker, registraition, plates on the car is so a cop can visually SEE that you are legal.
It's part of the reason why you get a "ten day" inspection sticker when you get your plates/registration. To give you time to have the car looked at or fix any problems that may arise.
Your best bet is to plee ignorance and tell the DA/lawyer what happened and hope for the best. :(

In short, goto the link. I've been through the crap before and most times the cop will explain what is going on. If Slappy (the guy that sold you the car) put an illegal sticker on the car and the eyes of the law your just as screwed. Hopefuly it was a legal sticker...just not under your name but from your charges it sounds like Slappy wasn't a good boy.

Ignorance of the law does not constitute innocence. Im sorry but life sucks. I'm not putting you down but the law sucks too. Good luck in court.
yeah, carfax shows you the entire vehicle history from the date it leaves the floor..

Only as long as the vehicle was brought to dealers or had repairs done through insurance claims. Rarely do small mechanics report work done on vehicles.

Inspection stickers/reports are something that would not show up on a carfax report.

I'm not sure of NY laws, but don't you have to have your car inspected in your birth month? In NH most dealers typically do the inspection for you as a courtesy and throw the sticker on. If not you have 10 days from purchase if bought second hand and 10 days after registering it for a new car.
The date of inspection is dependent on the month when the vehicle is purchased. So, for example, if I buy a car Jan 3 2008, It must be inspected by Jan 31 2009.

I have not heard of a grace period for getting the car inspected - though I admit I might be wrong with this piece.

Good luck buddy!
I'm not sure of NY laws, but don't you have to have your car inspected in your birth month? In NH most dealers typically do the inspection for you as a courtesy and throw the sticker on. If not you have 10 days from purchase if bought second hand and 10 days after registering it for a new car.

Check link... explains.

You get a "10 day" when you put a car on the road. You can ask DMV for 2 additional "10 day" stickers after that they void your registraition basically.

In New York the inspection requirs the following.
horn (musical horns are ok)
tires (good tred)
headlights (high/low)
hazard lights (four ways)
parking lights (markers)
reverse lights
brake lights
windshield wipers
no cracks in windshield (sometimes small crack on bottom edge that is unnoticable and won't "spider" is ok...sometimes
quiet muffler
E-brake (must work...though if the mechanic "likes" can sometimes slide..sometimes)
working brakes
check engin light CAN NOT be on (1996 and newer no codes can be found on computer)
If your frame is bent or rusted (to point of possible weakness) it fails (real problem in most forein cars)
Fuel leaks can fail car aswell
Working passenger restraint system (seatbelts).
Front end must not be lose (tie rods, ball joints, wheel bearings idler arms, ect..)
And car must have front rear bumpers (pressure treated lumber is accdeptible).
Oh yeah, rear licence plate lights must work.

That's the basics...I think that's everything. Worked as a mech and that's what we were told to look for.
Problem is this gives garuages more power when your lucky to get away with your paycheck in the first place. If they fail your car during inspection it's reported to "big brother" so you can't just go to another mech and get it inspected. Mechanic #2 cannot pass your car without fixing what mech #1's computer reported (this includes crap like cracked windshied or non emisions) Machanic #2 looses his licence and they void your registration.

Furthermore. Even if the car isn't yours and you get tagged by a cop you are resposible for ticket. The driver is resposible for the condition of car anytime you drive. You are to do a "walk around" every time before you get into a car to ensure that EVERYTHING is in proper working order. so basically your spos to spend 20 minutes checking your car for safty every time before you get in... Now days you can't get away with anything and I don't know how many times i've gotten pulled over for stupid crap (i'm white so I can't use race as an exscuse) like a crooked licence plate (helped push a frend when stuck with my car and screw got pulled out). One (not both) of my rear plate lights was blown, cracked driver side mirror. What pisses me off more then anything is when I see peole driving with one headlight, blown tail lights ect and they never seem to get pulled over. I drive to the store...

Stragly enough, if you fail to appear in court and you licence is suspended it emediatly comes up on the cops computer. But after you pay the fine itr can take 6 to 9 months before it's in the system. And if you get pulled over and don't have the paperwork with you, you can be arrested. Or they'll let you go but your car is towed, but if your lucky they'll let you choose a tow company of your choice...or if your really lucky they might let a friend/relitive come get your car.

The date of inspection is dependent on the month when the vehicle is purchased. So, for example, if I buy a car Jan 3 2008, It must be inspected by Jan 31 2009.

Car doesn't have to be inspected after you buy it. You can buy a car and have it sit in your yard for 50 years or whatnot. The inspection isn't REQUIRED until you put it on the road (register it). The "ten day" sticker you get when you register the car at the DMV is the "grace period." However, if you get caught at a DWI checkpoint or such and a cop see's you have a "ten day" you'll get flagged and told to pull over to check that it's still valid.

There are so many laws that can get you into crap that if a cop was having a bad day he could write you a ticket for anything. You know when the officer is haveing a real baqd day when he takes out his knitestick and smashes something. ;)
Most times you get lucky when you get a "dusk to dawn ticket." Were you get 24 hours to fix whatevers wrong. If your lucky you can just go to local police station and have an officer sign the paper verifying that the work has been performed. then you have to show the county cleark or show the judge. Even then you may get a fine.
How court go? Been adjurning my court date since November...think they lawyer is just trying to milk me... Speeding, OWL, possesion. What really sucks is I was driving my foremans car...which doesn't have a I was using my GPS, the cop says I was going 76 in a 55 (thought I was doing 62). The pot...really wasn't mine (no reason to lie to you guys) my forman just didn't think to take it out of the glove box when he took my vehicle to the job site. The suspended licence was all me baby. I rolled my car on the throughway going 70 during that Valentines day blizzard and didn't bother to drive the 2 hours to Westmoreland...too busy ya know. You bet your arse I had my girlfriend drive me there the same day I got pulled over though to pay the $130 for no proof of insurence (flew out the window...) and driving to fast in blizzard conditions.
God no don't speed!
haha well...adjurnment. I make too much money to get a public defender. But at the same time lawyers cost alot so just time to save I guess.
I got Coffee and Denomo (the champions) $750 just for the retainer.....:D Been a mess, they call me Friday (my lawyer) and tell me they'll meet me in court. So I go, knowing there's a bench warrent and i'm sitting there for close to 2 hours. The entire time I'm imagining the judge is going to recognise me (I've been there at least a half dozen times already) and have one of the dozen cops there to hall my ass off. Finnaly when there's less then a dozen people left I say "to hell with this!" and walk out acting like I'm just being polite and need to use my cell. I call the lawyers office from my cell screaming wtf is going on and drive home. Half hour later he calls back and says "oops, my secretary has been off and must have forgotten to write it down in the date book." OOPS!!!

So I get a call around 1:00 this afternoon from my lawer saying I have to go to the courthouse at 4:30, turn myself in and then they'll do their thing.... 2 hours later I get another call saying "oops....Thursday is Scocia court...We called and now court is on the 25th". AHHHH!!!
Dude, I should have just lied on my Public Defender paperwork...and being the "president" of my company I could have just given myself a 'pay cut' making it legit. ;) My salery is only $800 a week. After taxes I see about $640. After daycare, health insurence for the baby, gas, utilities, rent, gas there is nothing left. How in the hell do they...never mind.
Now tell me...I'm suposed to turn myself in. What am I suposed to do with a 2-year-old when i'm in jail? He's mother is borderline insane and I don't know any daycare that will keep a child that long...with a $20 tag for every 15 minutes your late I can't imagine that bill!!
So for the last 2 weeks I'm driving 100's of miles a day thinking I'm going to get pulled over for something stupid and arrested. More bullcrap with a tow bill and storage for my car, on top of that al my tools (my livlyhood) are in the car and those are bound to dissapear and every shop has disclaimers saying "we are not resposible for lost or stolen items." That has always pissed me off cus they'll charge you daily for storage but they'll clean your car out.
I sometimes wish I had relitives in other countires...I do in Florida but I've lived down there and it's too damn hot and I can't stand it there. Home sweet home....I love New York :D
$375 total, no points! The dropped the UPM and pled down the speeding to parking on the pavement. And The driving with a suspended licence to Ficiltating Unlucended operation. It was all I could do to keep from dancing when I got out of the courthouse. :)

So essentually I let my unlicenced sister drive my car, and she pulled over to the side of the highway to roll a joint... wierd...
Congrats buddy!

I'm sure there are a few lessons here, but I'd be hard pressed to point them out.

ooh, I got one. Always fight it in court!