BREAKING NEWS: Wing Commander Orchestral Recording Kickstarter Launched (May 26, 2017)

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Wing Commander composer George Oldziey has launched his anticipated Kickstarter campaign! Mr. Oldziey is seeking $45,000 to orchestrate a second album of his Wing Commander music. This is the second attempt at funding, and obviously we are all pulling for it... expect to see a lot of updates on this project and retro content about the three games Mr. Oldziey worked on over the next month. We can make this happen and create more incredible Wing Commander music. The most important thing you can do to help make this project successful is to share the link with your personal networks... and, of course, pledge what you can! Expect more as the campaign shapes up.

Original update published on May 26, 2017
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Such a hard decision... $100 I want, but I kinda wanna want the score as well... but can I justify spending another $100...

George Oldziey

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Thank you, Whistler and Worf! Your support, as well as the support of ALL WC fans is what has made this whole journey so fulfilling! Having produced volume 1 was one of the most wonderful and inspiring endeavors of my entire career! I so look forward to the opportunity to do it again. More so for all of you! I've said many times since that this may end up being my most important artistic legacy. Thank you all for making these dreams come true for me!


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Hi George!,

Welcome! It's always good to see an especially friendly ship!

Thank you for making such an impact on us. We'll do our best to help get the word out.


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Alas, my budget in June is tight, so it looks like no PDF score for me :(. But at least I contributed what I can.

(Yes, I'm a sucker for CDs, even though from the last time the digital downloads were FLAC and I believe were better than CD quality)


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How I wish I had $ 2,000 (+ shipping) to spare for that Kilrathi Rifle. Well, I did what I could and hope for a CD next spring. Best of luck for the campaign!


Great to have you here Mistro! Backed u both the first time and this time. Good luck on the current campaign. I'm dying for the new recordings and really hoping you make it. WC3, 4, 5 sound fantastic thanks to you.