BREAKING NEWS: Praise GOG (June 2, 2011)

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Good Old Games has just announced that they have reached a licensing agreement with publisher Electronic Arts that will allow them to begin releasing Origin Systems' catalog of classic games. And the very first game availble--RIGHT NOW!--is Wing Commander Privateer! The first wave of games also includes the two Ultima Underworld titles, the criminally unappreciated primogenitors of the modern FPS/RPG combination game. It is expected that this announcement will mean that the rest of the Wing Commander series will be available for digital distribution, but details are not yet available as to release specifics. We will update with the press release and further information as the situation develops. In the mean time, enjoy some interesting history about connections between Wing Commander and the Underworld games!

Original update published on June 2, 2011
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Was watching the live stream of the announcement. Near had a fit when I saw Privateer first on the list. :D

Can't wait to see if the rest of the catalog is released to GOG as well! *fingers crossed*

Hopefully, the sales figures for these releases end up with some high numbers. I'm hoping that EA is again looking at the possibility of a new Wing Commander release based on this deal.


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Good news for linux/mac users the Installer works in wine however their distribution of dosbox blew up in my face BUT you can run it with your naitive Dosbox

the file game.gog is actually the iso disk so once you have mounted your C drive in dosbox as the Wing Commander Privateer folder

example: mount c /home/user/.wine/drive_c

go into the privateer folder and do imgmount d "game.gog" -t iso -fs iso

then you should be able to run priv.exe

I had to tweak the sound config a touch as well with install.exe, may not apply to all. Once you get it running right you can of course automate this with the autoexec portion of your naitive dosbox


Greatly looking forward to the rest of the WC series.

Hopefully they are able to use the DVD video version of WC4 and the up-converted videos for WC Prophecy