BREAKING NEWS: ESRB Announces Rating for 'Wing Commander Arena' (February 21, 2007)


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Silconera is reporting that the Entertainment Software Rating Board has granted an "E for Everyone" score to a game titled Wing Commander Arena by Electronic Arts. Along with an XBox 360 listing, they cited Fantasy Violence in the content description box. Joystiq's XBox 360 Site had these thoughts:
This opens up more than a few questions. First, will the game be a retail release or an Xbox Live Arcade port of an older title? The fact that it's already rated means it must be complete, and we find it hard to believe that a new retail title would have remained under wraps this long. Besides, the ESRB has provided us with plenty of good XBLA leads lately.
Note that the ESRB recently rated the unannounced EA Replay 2. We'll have more information on this exciting rumor as it becomes available. Thanks to lxi for spotting this first.

Original update published on February 21, 2007
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Im betting its a big ol multiplayer deal. Probibly mixing the games all together. I like how ea is probing to see if they can make money on us wingnuts. I going to buy a copy even if I dont have a 360 by that time , just to make our point to ea. we want more!!!! Hey do you think they have sent spies into the forums? =x
Of course, right now I've not even picked up the Replay pack, and won't be for the forseeable future due to financial issues... and PSP+EAR is a lot cheaper than a Ybox. :(
There will be a lot of ticked off people if it's a game called Wing Commander that has nothing to do with the Wing Commander series we know.. kind of like that book and old game. That's not very likely though since EA has already released a Wing Commander series game on their EA Replay.

My guess is it will be the games that already have multiplayer set up: Armada and possibly Prophecy (even though multiplayer wasn't in the game- but is now thanks to HCI, I think it was something that was considered during the design of the game and the game could lend itself well to online play).
Maybe it's a computerized version of the card game.

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