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I have to give thanks to HTL for helping me come up with this idea. :)

I am currently writting a script for a WC game. It takes place in the Border Worlds as you might have guessed! :D
In this game which I list as a stratagey/flight sim (The style based loosley around academy). In it you play Captain William Dixon, you command the BWDF (Border Worlds Defense Forces). A confed second hand fleet of Bengal Carriers, Exters and a new Waterloo crusier (your ship) with this fleet you must take back Denab.

This game is based around the WC2 era 2665-2667.

This game will allow you to design missions, (to a point) choose who flies them, read confed intel reports, request suplies and many other things.

Feedback good and bad is welcome.

Well, it's a nice idea, but there are some flaws in the concept...

The Border Worlds as a political organization didn't *exist* in the 60's -- they were created in 2673. During the war, the term "Border Worlds" simply referred to the systems on the Terran/Kilrathi border. Thus, they had no military, save for the occasionally Home Defense squadron of fighters.

Similarly, a Bengal would not be "second hand" in the 60s -- they were still front line carriers (TCS Wolfhound, for example, is one of Confed's elite in '67...).
What I meant by "second hand" is the carriers are pretty beat to hell. fighters as well also I understand about the "Border worlds" name but haven't been able to come up with a decent name for the area.(I was playing with Rim system) but I am not sure what I will call it. :)

thanks LOAF
Keep in mind though, that as late as 2673, the Border Worlds Navy only had a handfull of carriers, and those were scratch built conversions like the Intrepid and the Tango. While the BW Navy is quite powerfull in HTL, that's a result of rapid development in the years after independence.

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Originally posted by Napoleon
just say it is the Landriech

Yeah, but the Landriech wouldn't be taking back the Deneb System. All that Kruger was interested in was defending Landriech and later, other worlds that were a part of The Landriech from the Kilrathi.
Despite all the nit-picking (which, I guess, is kinda essential in getting a decent game going), you do have a damned fine base concept for a game there, bwoy!
That sounds good, but why not go for broke? How about being able to choose TC, Kilrathi Empire, Firekka, Landreich, etc., or create your own group and vie for control of the galaxy from scratch?
Whenever a game, especially if it is fan-made, gets too ambitious, the chances that it will be abandoned halfway through development skyrocket, no matter how much everyone on the development team dedicates themselves to it. (Been there, tried that, failed miserably :))

Don't worry as I said I am still just writing the script.
So I just want some feedback on my ideas. I have not actually progamed any game or have any team yet, so this is just starting out.:)
That's the way to go, plan everything out first to avoid unpleasant surprises later on, and never forget the original plans :)

No matter how well you plan, you can *never* avoid the unpleasant surprises. :p You need to be flexible enough to cope with what life throws at you. That's something I've learned the hard way over three years of running HTL.

PS: Vindicator, how about setting the game in the Border Worlds union, but *after* the BLack Lance conflict? You might need to change the plot slightly, but it would be a good chance to explore the early years of the Border Worlds navy.

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for the early BWN (border worlds navy) would be a good idea, but who would they fight?

the idea is good but if there's no specific reason behind it(an enemy) what good is it?

sorry if I sound harsh it's that I can't seem to come up with a god story for the later years. :(
Heh. HTL probably would not make a good game of any sort, as it's paced and written as if for a novel. There are several chapters which concentrate purely on things like character development and training, with very little combat. That's good in a story, but not so good in a game.

And as for the battles themselves, they are either on a scale that would be too easy in a game (with odds only 3 or 4 to 1 against the humans, rather than the player and a handfull of wingmen against dozens) or on a scale too massive for most engines to hadle. The chapter "Reaping The Whirlwind", for example, involved a battle with close to 500 fighters, a half dozen warships and 50 odd transports.

PS: LOAF, did that HTL chapter I sent through on friday come out okay? My ISP has been screwed up my mails on occasion, and I don't learn abaout til l a week later.