Kevin Caccamo

Rear Admiral
I've noticed some of your screenshots look like they have a Bloom or HDR type effect on them, as in everything appears brighter than it normally should, and the brighter areas are giving off a realistic "shine." How do I achieve this effect in-game in WC Saga?

Like the screenshot shown here
Their is a little program for ATI cards that simulates bloom/HDR effects. I think the screenshots where from someone using that program.
I think there are some SCP guys working on getting that kind of effect into the code but instead of applying the effect over the entire image, as this program does, it should be more flexible and will only give a bloom effect to the areas that should have it.

That is what I know.
Can I please have the link to the program to download it and see if it works with my video card? I just want to try it.

But if there's SCP guys working on it, I can't wait to hear their progress!