Binding Keys to a Gamepad?


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Hey there :)
I have a question (geez^^). Is it possible to bind the buttons of a gamepad for WC/WC2 (GoG Version)? I am using my Gamepad for a long time now to play Wing Commander but its just uncomfortable to steer my fighter with my left analog stick and use the keyboard simultaniously to use afterburner, cycle targets, lock targets etc.
It would make things a lot easier, when i could control the afterburner and targetingsystem from my gamepad. Having the afterburner on one of the shoulder buttons for example.

I use the "Logitech Dual Action" Gamepad

Can someone help me with this problem?
(My english isnt the best, so i hope this makes scence)

Thanks in advance :)
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Since you are using a Logitech, Logitech usually ships their gamepads with with their Profiler software. you should be able to create a profile for the game and set each button to a specific keyboard command, and map the Joystick to the thumbsticks. The game should then recognize all the controller inputs as keyboard/joystick commands.