BIG NEWS: Wing Commander I Source Code Archived! (August 26, 2011)


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The copyright year is based on publication. How can you tell it's NN years from publication if there was never a publication?
It's not, actually. A work does not need to be published to be protected by copyright laws, it happens automatically - for example, many movie scripts never get published at all, even though they're turned into films (which I suppose you could compare to source code getting compiled into a game). In spite of this, they most certainly are protected, right from the moment they're written.


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Hi, the thread is quite old, but i think i just add a comment to it. I would really like to do a Windows/OSX port of Wing Commander 1 (since it was part of my childhood and i'm somehow addicted). My idea is to create a version as close to the original dos version, but for a modern platform (based on SDL). The second step would be to replace the space flight engine with a voxel engine to allow a more smoother way for rotating the sprites. I have no intentions for WC3 or above, and i love the nostalgic style of the first version very much.
I'm aware that it is unlikely to get the source code, even for private use only. I just try it either way, even if it is just a dream.
Just to point it out: I'm quite experienced to do ports of very old code (from fortran up to c, pascal etc) - it is part of my job since more than 10 years. I'm also quite good in rewriting assembler passages (used in the past increase the performance) to high level code.



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Okay this was way more easy than i thought :) The attached zip contains the source and a binary to extract the sprites out of wing commander 1/2. Just drag&drop the file and you can see the frames. I really wish to create a windows build of WC1, but without the source it might be impossible.


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There already is a Windows build of WC1. It is part of the Kilrathi Saga. However, certain background elements are missing during flight.