Beta version of the Hanger deck


This is a wip in progress on the hanger deck where you will be able to choose your ship in post mission briefings. I still have some work to do on it, but you get the idea what it looks like.If you have any sugestions feel free to post here.


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Good to see that you're still active!!

Not much to say about the deck - it's definitely recognizably a deck, and pretty big. Should that be on a carrier, or a base? Do you plan to put stuff on the walls?


Change the camera to a lower position. Move the Veritech more in front of the camera to see its size. Give some indirekt illumination in the background. Don't forget the typical dangerstripes for areas. Put wheel lines on the floor. Add a crane to the top in the background and add more deepth by creating different layers of machines/tools people hanging or standing around


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Nomad Terror said:
in DYRL, the fighters were all stationed in the two ARMD carriers connected to the Macross

Thats not true, the Veritech fighters launched from both the carriers and the SDF-1 itself. In fact, most of the fighters were stored and launched from the SDF-1.


I thought that the ARMD carriers were destroyed, and it was the (semisubmersible) aircraft carrier Prometheus and the (semisubmersible) BIG landing craft Daedalus that were attached to the arms ... (Which allowed the "Daedalus" attack - put all the barriers on the front of the Daedalus, "punch" through the enemy craft, open the door, and have the whole crapload of destroids behind the door destroy the ship from the inside.)

Might just be a difference between the movie, which I haven't seen, and the series, which I have ...

To go back on topic, the VFs were mainly stored on the Macross. Only a few were on the Prometheus ... however, (in the series) it always looked cooler to launch them from an aircraft carrier, so that's the clip they always used (esp. for Lt. Ichijo ...)

I like that this mod is back to working status!


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Yes, in the first Macross the ARMD carriers were destroyed, so the crew jury-rigged the Prometheus and Daedalus carriers to the SDF-1. Then in DYRL, it was refitted the way it was originally intended to be, with the ARMD carriers in place of the Prometheus and Daedalus

Nomad Terror

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Well, it's not really "then in DYRL," because DYRL is a theatrical retelling of Space War One within the Macross universe. The events in DYRL didn't actually happen the way they were portrayed in the movie; it just gave a quick overview of Space War One and how Minmei was able to save the day by singing.

Although the actual SDF-1, after being partially destroyed by Kamjin and Laplamiz's suicidal crash in SDF: Macross, was rebuilt and fitted with the two ARMD carriers like it was intended to be sometime before the events of Flashback 2012, which features the SDF-1 in this state. Then we see in Macross Plus, taking place in 2040, that the SDF-1 is in the same condition and has not really moved at all.

Anyway the SDF-1 in DYRL carried a complement of around 300 variable fighters (Super and Strike VF-1 at that time), and each ARMD carrier had a potential complement of about the same. We don't see any real hard figures about the complement of the ARMD carriers except that they carried 78 Lancer IIs and 270 Ghosts at the beginning of the TV series. So I would suspect that the carriers together carried around twice as many fighters as the Macross itself.


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here are the stats.

QF-3000E Ghost x 120, VF-1 Valkyrie x 212 (in February 2009, later replaced with VF-1 Super Valkyrie x 300+ by February 2010 ), HWR-00-Mk.II Monster x 2 (later x 3), MBR-07-Mk.II Spartan x 85, MBR-04-Mk.IV Tomahawk x 500 (later reduced to 440), ADR-04-Mk.X Defender x 40 (later constructed and added to onboard Destroid complement), SDR-04-Mk.XII Phalanx x 20 (later constructed and added to onboard Destroid complement)
Total: Before = 919
Later = 1008

SF-3A Lancer II x 78, QF-3000E Ghost x 270
Total = 348

So if the SDF-1 wanted to carry just aircraft and dump the destroids, they could carry more than both ARMD's put together.