Beta 1.4 coming soon


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Hi all:

Work on 1.4 is coming to a close rapidly, I have one feature left to implement. A 1.4 beta will be released soon, I'd appreciate it if Iceblade and Venom would beta test. Others of course would be welcome.

Now is the time to send me your contributions for 1.4. Specifically, I would like to get from Venom:

  • New cockpits, if you'll release it. A kilrathi style one would be great
  • The final gauntlet mission.

Other contributions are welcome, but I won't be incorporating non-prophecy ships to keep the download size small.

I'm happy to answer any questions about the upcoming 1.4 release.

Kevin Caccamo

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What new features are there? Improved graphics? More settings options? Ablility to Render software or direct3d? (Don't think so) Improved collisions?


I won't say about the new features, but you will be pleasantly surprised and amazed. ;)

Of course, I will say that there are plenty of added scripts that allow full and complete in-game cutscenes--almost to the point of WCSO IMO.


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you spelled objective wrong. or its just really poorly spaced fonts.

I wouldn't mind beta testing this, although I'm a relative unknown on the boards, I've been following this community for a long time.


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It's the font. I'll be sending private emails to the beta testers. I think on the list are:

Iceblade, Kevin Caccamo, Venom, CataclysmX

Anyone else who wants to test let me know.


Excuse me for the long silence, but my internet connection was broken in the last week! I'll send you everything i've done, and you'll choice what put in the next beta... Thanks for putting me in the list of beta testers!


This could take a while to d/l, so it will be several days before I give much of a report. :(

Stupid dial-up! :mad:


I highly doubted anything was wrong with the zip--just thought I'd let you know not to expect a report for a few days.


There were a few things. First, the cutscene needs a prelaunch = none in the camp. file, and a mission exit at the end of the cutscene.

A few things I noticed in the scripting missions as well: the objective in the 2nd mission with the cargo pods has "destroy all fighters" for an objective when there are no fighters just an enemy cargo pod.

For the last scripted mission with the triton I found several issues:
- the triton needs a vdu pic
- the bar for the health on the gun turrets are on top of the text "gun turret"
- the mission complete comes after you return to the home nav instead after disabling the transport

Also I noticed that some of the bug vdus have shaded backgrounds instead of completely blank ones--this is caused by not having a completely black background in the pic. (manta, squid, and lamprey--will let you know if I find anymore)

On several other notes, I found that the game is actually running a little smoother (may be my imagination and happenstance, though). Also, there is a stark contrast in the size of text from one res to another. Very small on the lower res and too large on the higher--esp. for the vel, time, and set values in the upper portion of the hud.

Here is a pic of what I am refering to with the triton turret text and the text size:


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