Best and Worst WC ripoffs


Best: Freespace series

Worst: I don't know, freespace is the only other space flight sim I've played.


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Well which games qualify as WC ripoffs?

If you are talking about space sims in general the best non WC one for me would be Tachyon the Fringe.
Worst space sim would be Freespace 1.

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The only thing that saved Tachyon from being the worst in my list is the fact that Bruce Cambell's in it. MY worst is Privateer II.


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HEY! Privateer2 is not a rippof, cause its a WingCommander game Manic!

Well,I dont know if they are rippofs or not but I like the X-Wing series....I think they are not rippofs at all.
I also like Starlancer (It is a rippos even if it is from ChrisRoberts)

I dislike Freespace1-2 :(


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Privateer 2 is a frickin awesome game.

I tried Freespace 2 for a day or so. I didn't have any problems with it myself, but I can see why people are so venomous towards it.


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best: Starlancer or the Freespace series

Worst: don't know. the above are the only non-WC space sims i play


Worst would probably be the one with the flying scorpions, Japanese helmets, etc... Can't for the life of me remember the name of it, though.
Best would probably be Star Raiders, except for the fact that it came first, so it would be a bit difficult to demonstrate its a rip-off.


Originally posted by LeHah
I tried Freespace 2 for a day or so. I didn't have any problems with it myself, but I can see why people are so venomous towards it.

Why would people be venomous towards it?


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hell yeah. the capship battles were fucking awsome! just think what a WC game would be like if they made the capships fight like in Freespace


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hopefully that mod (named battlegroup Serpent or something like that) will fulfill that wish
Best... Come to think of it, I REALLY liked Starlancer. The battles, that is. The rest couldn't compare to Grim Fandango in a million years, or Wing Commander 3, for that matter.

Worst would have to be Tachyon, if you don't count Star Wars Starfighter (UGH!). THAT one's a REAL stinker!


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Star Wars Starfighter kicked serious butt. My only complaint would be the canyon levels. I'd've liked to have been able to leave the trench, ya know?

Anyway, Jedi Starfighter was better; they cleaned up a lot of the little problems in it.


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I like Tachyon for the fact it has MP on Novaworld, one of the more popular online MP areas. There's always plenty of butt to kick.


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Well, i don't know what games are rip-off's but looking at how the games look and play i would say the Freespace is the best, and battle cruiser 3000 the worst